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About www.35dx.com

With the continuous popularization of smart homes, consumers are gradually curious about smart home products and start to buy them. However, smart home products do have certain professional technical knowledge, which is a bottleneck for most consumers.

How to choose a smart home product that is suitable for your own use and at a relatively reasonable price? Many consumers are searching for relevant knowledge on the Internet for help. This is why the 35dx website was born.

35dx hopes to help consumers through the popularization of smart home knowledge, evaluation of smart products, and introduction of smart brands, so that consumers can make better purchasing decisions. At the same time, valuable smart home product instructions can also help buyers become familiar with the product as soon as possible and use smart home products in quantity.

The contents of smart home products on the website include: smart TVs, smart washing machines, smart toilets, smart watches, smart speakers, smart ovens, smart door locks, drones, etc., which are rich, detailed and valuable.

Let’s start the smart home journey …

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