Best Smart Toilets Cover For 2020 Must Have At Least Four Functions


As the first choice of young people’s home bathroom, intelligent toilet lid began to settle in thousands of households with the advantages of warm and comfortable cleaning, warm toilet ring and warm air drying. Intelligent toilet cover is easy to use, but there are so many products on the market, how to choose it as Xiaobai?

In fact, choosing a smart toilet is the same as choosing any other smart product. As long as you know the main elements of the product, you can quickly decide which one you want to buy. A high-quality intelligent toilet cover must have at least 4 functions.

1. High quality intelligent toilet cover should have 4 functions

Whether you buy household appliances or smart toilet covers, you need to consider five elements. That is, brand, appearance, function, price and service. The function application will affect the user’s experience, so I think a qualified intelligent toilet must have the following functions:

1.1 Women’s washing

Some brands are also called women’s washing. In short, they are water with bubbles. The impact force is gentle, and they care for women’s health.

1.2 Hip cleaning

it is called hip cleaning for short. Even if the cleaning work is completed after defecation instead of paper towel, it is more comfortable and cleaner than traditional paper towel cleaning.

1.3 Water temperature regulation

a better intelligent toilet generally has a seat water temperature regulation function. For example, Toto has a three-level regulation function, which makes friends who are afraid of going to the toilet in winter forget their worries.

1.4 Drying function

drying is to dry after cleaning, and say goodbye to the era of paper towel thoroughly. The most happy and comfortable place of intelligent toilet is from the function of warm water washing and drying, clean and sanitary living water cleaning.

In addition to the above four functions, many products will also add some auxiliary functions, such as deodorization, toilet heating, night vision, automatic opening and closing, etc. These functions can enhance the user experience to a certain extent, but they are not necessary functions. If you have enough budget, you can choose on demand.

2. Which is better, i.e. heat type, heat storage type or rapid heat type

When using the instant hot intelligent toilet cover, it can be opened and heated as soon as possible, and has the ability of constant temperature water. With their excellent use experience, they have become the first choice for consumers to choose.

In addition, there is also a kind of intelligent toilet cover called “quick heat” on the market. This product is based on the heat storage type and makes the water tank smaller. In essence, it is also the heat storage intelligent toilet cover. Although it can keep a constant temperature for a few seconds after opening, the water just started to spray out is not warm, but cold.

If you plan to start with the intelligent toilet cover, it is recommended that you start with the instant hot product. That is to say, the hot intelligent toilet cover is mostly a way of flowing water heating and water and electricity isolation. Some brands also provide water purification equipment for the products, so that users can be more assured of water safety.

3. High praise instant hot intelligent toilet cover sharing

In terms of style, the intelligent toilet can be divided into two types: intelligent toilet cover and integrated intelligent toilet. The former is a separate cover, the latter is a whole toilet.

The intelligent toilet cover belongs to the external type, with the advantages of being cheap and convenient. It is suitable for the families with toilets to upgrade their bathroom. Before purchasing, users should first measure the size of their own toilet, and then choose the intelligent toilet cover and model according to the size. After the product arrives home, they can contact the after-sales door-to-door installation.

Today, what we share for you is the hot intelligent toilet cover with high praise from users.


Recommended reason:

the waterproof grade of toto’s instant hot intelligent toilet cover is IPx4 waterproof, which is specially designed for the dry and wet environment of Chinese family toilet. The toilet seat is insulated and the temperature of the toilet ring is freely adjusted. In winter, it can also sit comfortably. Spray before the toilet and after sitting, spray water on the surface of the toilet to make the surface of the toilet wet and prevent dirt from adhering. The nozzle is self-cleaning and clean before use, that is to say, rest assured Save worry.

It also has the intelligent deodorization function. After use, it can turn on the intelligent deodorization function to keep the air in the toilet free of peculiar smell. There are four kinds of water washing methods and a variety of massage like water washing experience, which can take good care of women’s health and make them feel different and comfortable.

Panasonic dl-5230cws

Recommended reason
This Panasonic smart toilet cover adopts the original Japanese ceramic heater, which can instantly and rapidly heat, keep the water temperature constant, continuously supply hot water, warm wind and protect the overheating temperature. A section of seamless stainless steel nozzle is not easy to accumulate ash and keep dirt; before each use, the nozzle is cleaned by automatic warm water sterilization, 3-stage water temperature cleaning, front washing, rear washing and mobile + wide washing, expanding the cleaning range; alternately pulse water flow, soft touch.

It adopts 3D curved surface, SIAA self bacteriostatic toilet ring, microcomputer controlled three-stage heating; the rear corner of the cover plate is designed to fit more toilets, seamless design, reduce dust adhesion, make moisture difficult to enter and easy to clean.

Philips aib2252 / 93

Recommended reason: 
Philips’s instant hot intelligent toilet cover supports functions such as warm air deodorization and automatic flushing. It also supports wireless remote control and multi-mode control. The product has a built-in filter element, which strongly intercepts the impurities in the tap water, keeps the waterways clean and the users clean more healthily. It has mobile mode, hip washing mode, women’s mode and children’s washing mode to meet the cleaning needs of different users.

When the hot smart toilet cover of Philips is opened, the water instantly heats up, so users don’t need to wait for a quick experience of warm washing, even if they use it continuously, they don’t need to worry about no hot water. The product supports 5 levels of adjustment to meet the needs of the whole family. Every season or every use can meet the temperature required by the user. After cleaning, you can choose warm air drying, four speed temperature regulation, warm wind blowing, fast and dry butt.