Benefits Of Smart Toilets


Benefits of smart toilets
With the improvement of people’s living standards and the development of technology, nowadays, when decorating houses, they are choosing a toilet that is suitable for their own home. We might as well choose a smart toilet.

The smart toilet has many special functions: such as hip cleansing, lower body cleansing, mobile cleansing, seat insulation, warm air drying, automatic deodorization, and silent sitting. The most important aspect is that in addition to being operated through the button panel, a remote control device is also provided to achieve these functions. When consumers use it, all functions can be easily achieved by just holding the remote control lightly.

Benefits of smart toilets

Benefits 1
The washing function of the smart toilet after each use of the toilet replaces traditional toilet paper for cleaning, and it is easier to eliminate the viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites that cause infectious diseases. Toilet paper is also used to clean the bacteria and stool in the anal folds. . At present, most of the smart toilets on the market have added a “sterilization” design, that is, a high-tech long-acting antibacterial substance is added to the seat material, bacteria cannot survive, and cross infection can be avoided.

Benefit 2
Vulnerable groups can improve their physical condition. The smart toilet seat with multiple flushing modes can not effectively remove dirt, and it can also play a massage role. The movable spray heads can meet the different flushing needs of men and women. Use the warm water and warm air of the smart toilet cover to wash and dry, stimulate the capillaries to promote blood circulation, and prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases for long-term use.

Benefit 3
Self-cleaning, deodorizing and power saving. Intelligent toilet covers mostly use stainless steel spray nozzles. Most professional brands have produced products with self-cleaning functions, that is, after each use, the spray nozzles will spray waterfall-like water to remove contaminated dirt. At present, many smart toilet lids also have a deodorizing function. The principle is to use the built-in photocatalyst or activated carbon to eliminate odors. In addition, the toilet seat will automatically lower the seat ring and water temperature when it is not used for a long time, saving power consumption.

Benefits of smart toilets

benefit 4
The seat is not cold. In the cold season, the cold touch of the toilet seat makes people shudder, and the seat of the intelligent toilet cover can automatically heat to the appropriate temperature of the human body. Many brands have also introduced temperature-controlled seat rings with different temperature profiles, which can be adjusted according to personal preferences or regions and weather.

Benefit 5
Women’s private parts cleaning and care, women during the menstrual period and antenatal and postpartum, often because of the inconvenience of private parts cleaning and worry. The intelligent toilet has a “women’s wash” function, and the special nozzle sprays soft warm water to clean women’s private parts to prevent germs from invading.

Benefits 6
Hemorrhoids and constipation patients. Due to dietary habits and other reasons, China has become one of the countries with the highest incidence of hemorrhoids in the world, and many suffer from the “torture” of hemorrhoids. The “hip wash” and “massage” functions of the intelligent toilet, water wash instead of paper wipes, thoroughly clean the pp folds, reduce the breeding of bacteria, and massage the acupuncture points around the anus to warm the anus with warm water, promote blood circulation, make the intestines smooth, and eliminate constipation .