Functions Of The Smart Toilet Cover


What are the functions of the smart toilet cover?The toilet cover has the following 10 functions or most of them, so it can be called a smart toilet cover.

1. Automatic flush function

The automatic selection of large and small water according to the state of urine and stool is practical, convenient, comfortable and eliminates the inconvenience and embarrassment caused by forgetting to flush after use.

smart toilet cover

2. seat heating function

In the cold winter, completely stop the cold unpleasant feeling, warm feeling, and comfortable home.

3.Seat descent function

The cover and seat ring are closed to slow down the damping to avoid knocking sound caused by straight fall.

smart toilet cover

4. women-specific flushing function

When a female friend finishes using (referring to female urination or menstruation), press the “female-only” button, and the cleaning nozzle will spray a gentle shower water to clean the female private parts.

5. hip cleaning function

The function of hip cleaning is planned for men and women’s toilet cleaning. When you need to clean, press the “hip cleaning” button, and the nozzle will spray water drops to clean your legs.

smart toilet cover

6. warm air drying function

Press the “warm air drying” button, the hair outlet will blow out soft warm air, blow off the remaining water drops after cleaning, and you can set the temperature level by remote control.

7. nozzle self-cleaning function

In order to ensure that the nozzle is clean during cleaning, you will actively perform the nozzle cleaning procedure before each cleaning.

8.Active deodorizing function

This function uses activated carbon deodorization form. After each application, the system will actively perform deodorization procedures to ensure that your toilet time is fresh and eliminates odors.

smart toilet cover

9. low-light lighting function

If you feel that opening the bathroom lights at night will affect the rest of your family, you can activate the “lighting” button on the toilet control panel.

10. Active flip or remote flip function

The active flip function will save you the trouble and trouble of opening the cover by hand every time you go to the toilet. When you approach the smart toilet, the cover will actively open. When you leave the toilet, the cover is actively closed.