Hair Fringe Cutter – As Seen on Shark Tank


A home hair cutting tool for cutting you or your family’s hair at home. Its purpose is to make home hair cuts hassle free and to get you professional results – every time.

home hair cutting tool can cut your hair in many ways, no matter what length or hair type you have.

The Set is the most versatile and our most purchased hair cutting tool. This two-piece set includes a small blue cutting bangs and a large white for cutting long hair and layers.

Imagine the benefits of being able to cut your hair at home and achieve salon-quality results every time. Give yourself a beautiful hair cut on a regular basis.

Trusted Quality

A great tool for beginners and experienced home hair cutters

Two sizes allow optimal support for all hair types and hair lengths to make it easy to cut

Teeth and lock assist you holding your hair in the right place while cutting

Rotating level ensures a balanced cut every time

Very fine hair may requires holding on to the product with one hand; Very thick hair may requires parting the hair into 2 sections before cutting

Tips for Beginners

1. .Practice cutting on a piece of paper with a sharp hair cutting scissor at a 55 ° angle

2. Dry hair is recommended when cutting as hair combs easier, and especially when cutting bangs

How to Use

Anyone, regardless of hair type, hair length, and experience can use it.

Step 1: Clip

Comb out any knots and tangles and clip the product on the hair.

Step 2: Slide

Slide the product down to desired length. Remember to trim a little at a time. You can always go back and cut more.

Step 3: Cut

Check the level for balance and cut with sharp scissors or trimmer. Cut straight across or at a 55 ° angle for more texture.