How About Smart TV


The concept of smart home is gradually gaining popularity. Smart TV is a microcosm of users’ attempts to smart home. The so-called smart TV is simply to turn the TV into a computer. You can browse any information you want to browse through the Internet. But smart TVs are not perfect. Do you want to know if the smart TV is good? Now let me introduce the advantages and disadvantages of smart TV.

First, the disadvantages of smart TV

1. The interaction between the user and the digital home device is realized through the remote control. Many complicated operations are not achieved by only an old TV remote control.
2. The distinguishing feature of smart TV is that it has an open TV application store, which provides a wealth of application software, allowing users to freely download and create their own personalized TV. At present, the choice of smart TV application stores is still relatively small. Less, needs to be expanded.

3. Most of the smart TV on the market today use the Android operating system. Android is an operating system launched for mobile terminals. If it is to be applied on a TV platform, it needs to be transplanted. However, if the problem is targeted, if the Android system is to be perfectly supported The product form of flat-panel TVs still has some difficulties.

Second, the advantages of smart TV

1. Smart TV will also be an “entertainment center”, where users can search for TV channels, record TV programs, and play satellite and cable TV programs, as well as network videos.
2. After becoming the third type of information access terminal after computers and mobile phones, users can access the information they need at any time.
3. Smart TV has various application services such as network search, IP TV, video on demand (VOD), digital music, network news, network video phone and so on.

The above is the relevant content about the advantages and disadvantages of smart TV, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!