How Much Does A Smart Toilet Cost?


How much does a smart toilet cost?
Choosing a smart toilet is a very important thing for users. A good quality, intelligent toilet can bring a lot of convenience to our lives. So, how much is a toilet?

How much does a smart toilet cost

The relatively cheap smart toilets in the market actually have basic functions, such as seat heating, hip washing, warm air drying, etc., but the material of the product will not be very good, such as cleaning and care Will be more troublesome, easier to dirty, ceramic glaze is easier to get dirty, so it takes more time to do maintenance. The price of this type of toilet is basically maintained at about $ 300. This type of toilet is very suitable for the current small apartment, it will not be too expensive, and it can be used safely.

The smart toilet with a relatively high price is over $ 2,000. These intelligent toilets are generally energy-saving products, and they are highly intelligent. Of course, the quality is also very good.

There are hundreds of smart toilets sold on Amazon with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. You can refer to the product evaluation to buy.