How Sharp Will Lead The Internet Of Things In 2020


How Sharp will lead the Internet of Things in 2020, 8K + 5G empowers.If 2019 is the first year of 5G, then 2020 will be the year of 5G outbreak, and 8K will be the same.

As a connection technology and display technology, they provide a pivotal role in the infrastructure construction of the Internet industry.

Sharp China fully demonstrated the research and development results of Sharp 8K + 5G technology, mature landing applications, and the complete layout of the AIoT ecosystem. After the whole tour, we are convinced that Sharp will definitely be the most noteworthy one among AIoT enterprises.

Your next hundred years, in the hands of Sharp at 8K + 5G!
One step ahead, is the dominant gene of Sharp in the display field. It can be said that every breakthrough of the visual limit of human beings bears the name of Sharp. The first domestic black-and-white picture tube TV, the world’s first LCD TV and so on will be remembered by history.

Sharp’s R & D in the 8K field can be traced back to 23 years ago. Until 2017, Sharp launched the world’s first consumer-grade 8K TV. In 2018, 8K TV products were upgraded to the second generation. There are three versions of 80-inch, 70-inch and 60-inch. . In addition, Sharp and its partners’ 8K + 5G applications have also been applied to the opening ceremonies of several large-scale sports games this year to achieve the integration of 8K live broadcast, rebroadcasting, editing, and broadcasting.

In Sharp China’s “8K + 5G Research Institute”, you can personally feel that Sharp is completing the overall evolution of the entire line of products towards 8K. As the core competitiveness, Sharp has been building a complete ecosystem integrating 8K camera, storage, transmission, decoding, display and self-developed chip equipment.

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The 8K decoding chip (AQUOS 8K Smart Engine Pro) independently developed by Sharp is equipped with AI pixel compensation technology, intelligently fills FHD / 4K picture pixels, and strengthens the restoration of picture details to achieve high-definition picture effects comparable to 8K; 3D noise reduction technology Intelligently analyze the amount of noise in each frame, and intelligently reduce noise in combination with the picture information; MEMC high-computing frame interpolation technology can intelligently analyze the movement trend of moving objects or the direction of background transfer, making 8K moving pictures smoother.

The most eye-catching scene at the conference was Sharp’s 8K series TVs. All 60-, 70-, and 80-inch sizes used Sharp’s Japanese panels. 8K resolution reached four times that of 4K UHD and 16 times that of 2K FDH. The 80-inch 8K panel has a 1.3 times higher light transmittance than the first generation and has a high refresh rate of 120 Hz. Make the imaging effect more beautiful, clearer, and more energy efficient. From this, you can see the 8K rendering effect, which is enough to make people “see the real beauty.”

Sharp transformation, pioneering advanced technology
If only 8K is talked about, it is like talking about a stand-alone version of the game, and the landing of 5G gives Sharp’s online player identity, which solves the key problems of transmission and processing after the front-end data collection. Just like a pair of clever hands, the AIoT ecosystem that Sharp has carefully laid out in series connects Sharp to complete the role transfer and upgrade, and then it will face a huge, almost marginal compound market.

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Sharp already has a relatively mature and complete solution. In this open Sharp China “8K + 5G Research Institute” we see that from the 8K + 5G package transmission and decoding playback, 8K on-demand technology under network IP, 8K picture Quality, smoothness (120Hz refresh rate), 8K cameras, 8K industry and other dimensions are undergoing uninterrupted experiments. Effective experimental results are put into consumers’ daily lives, and technical results serve the market, thus forming a virtuous circle. With the high-speed and low-latency characteristics of the 5G network, the application scenarios of 8K technology have been successfully activated in entertainment, education, security, medical and industrial production, and the 8K ecosystem planned and deployed by Sharp will also be completed quickly. In the next year or two, the 8K field will usher in an era of full bloom.

Strategic change, ecological landing is already underway
In 2018, One SHARP’s global integration strategy returned to the Chinese market. In 2019, Sharp proposed a strategic program of “8K + 5G” and “black and white progress”. Lu Zurong, General Manager of Sales for Sharp China, stated on the scene that in 2020, Sharp will be based on the three major business transformations of 8K ecosystem business, ICT business and smart life business as the company’s main business development framework, combining hardware, software, and cloud services to create a high value-added platform To complete the comprehensive upgrade of the brand and enhance the brand power of Sharp.

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Among them, 8K compact cameras and 8K professional cameras, 120-inch 8K TVs, See through transparent displays, 5G smartphones, 8K educational touch displays, new Dynabook product lineup, SHARP COCORO + smart home solutions, Android TV, beauty products beauty A, as Sharp’s nine product lines, constitutes Sharp’s entire product ecological chain. With the implementation of the complete 8K + 5G ecosystem and AIoT platform intelligent solutions, Sharp’s smart life has become more accessible. Sharp is using 8K + 5G and the AIoT ecosystem to influence and change the world.

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In addition to focusing on 8K TVs, Mr. Takuya Tanaka, director of Sharp Japan’s research and development business, introduced media reporters’ research achievements in the 8K field since 23 years, and said that the arrival of the 5G era will make 2020 a new era of 8K image transmission. . Sharp’s 8K all-round ecological chain is equipped with ultra-high-speed 5G network transmission speed, which enables Sharp’s 8K + 5G strategy to realize the integration of 8K IP transmission, ultra-high-definition resolution, and AI restoration technology. The eight major life application scenarios such as work, education, entertainment, and family are promoted and used. Not only that, Sharp’s 8K + 5G strategy has also achieved breakthrough innovations in other industries such as drones, civil engineering, and monitoring systems.

Summary: 2020 is the year to start a new era and the starting point of technological innovation in the world. Sharp uses three major changes to actively embrace change and penetrates civilian and commercial application scenarios with core technologies. This media communication will be a journey of witnessing strength and a journey of future experience that breaks the limits of time and space. Sharp presents a lifestyle that belongs to the future. In the continuous evolution and innovation of 8K + 5G, human beings will eventually get a better smart life experience.