How To Buy A Smart Toilet


Smart toilets are divided into two categories: smart integrated toilets and smart toilet covers. Although the two are two different types, they are actually the same in terms of technology and function. The smart toilet cover refers to the cover plate above the toilet. , And the integrated intelligent toilet refers to the entire toilet intelligent. The intelligent integrated toilet is self-contained and non-removable.

It is generally suitable for consumers who have installed bathrooms. The overall line can be more smoothly matched with bathroom space. The intelligent toilet cover is more suitable for consumers who want to upgrade the original toilet. It is relatively easy to install, but you must choose the same product as your own toilet when purchasing.

In addition to the type, the most basic and important feature of the smart toilet is its “warm water flushing” function, which completely subverts the habit of using paper towels when using the toilet. This function has also been confirmed by various medical reports and is perfect It is an ideal alternative to wipes with paper towels. Washing with water can help us improve hygiene and eliminate a large number of bacteria on the paper towels. Washing with water can also help alleviate diseases of the buttocks, reduce the incidence of disease, and promote defecation.

How to buy a smart toilet

Most smart toilets also have multiple flushing functions in “warm water flushing”. Let’s take the Japanese human smart toilet as an example. It is equipped with four functions such as hip cleaning, female cleaning, mobile cleaning, and moisturizing cleaning. Among them, women The cleaning uses a specially set frequency and angle, so that women can comfortably rinse even during physiological periods without feeling any irritation.