How To Choose A Smart Toilet Cover


As a “weapon” for home life, more and more consumers are paying attention to and purchasing smart toilet covers. The smart toilet cover will not only help you wash and dry the fart with warm water automatically, but the toilet ring heating function is super friendly. Even in winter, sitting on the toilet is warm.

However, as an emerging home appliance, what should you pay attention to when purchasing a smart toilet cover? Facing the two types of intelligent toilet lids, instant and thermal storage, which type is better? Faced with a variety of publicity, how to find a product that is more suitable for you? If you are also struggling with these troubles, then this article is not to be missed.

How to choose a smart toilet cover

Thermal storage and instantaneous large PK

First of all, talk about the difference between two types of smart toilet lids, namely hot and water storage. In simple terms, the instant smart toilet cover directly heats the flowing living water to achieve the effect of instant heat. The thermal storage intelligent toilet cover is equipped with a small water tank to heat the flushing water in the water tank. , And then store it and spray it out when the user uses it.

So, which of the two types of products is better? Let’s listen to them one by one.

Smart Toilet Cover

1. Security

The so-called water and electricity related products, safety must be the top priority. The instant intelligent toilet cover is heated by a ceramic heating rod, which can isolate the heating element from water contact, and also has anti-leakage and anti-overpressure devices, which has high safety. The heating device of the thermal storage intelligent toilet lid is in direct contact with it, so there is a certain safety hazard.

It is worth mentioning that the anti-electric wall technology developed by Haier, which has been widely used in the electric water heater market, has also begun to be applied in smart toilet covers to ensure user safety.

2. Hygiene

Needless to say, the cleanliness of flush toilet water, which is known as “washing out health”, needs attention. The water storage smart toilet cover needs to use a built-in water tank to store water and repeatedly heat it, which is very easy to become a “hotbed” for bacteria breeding. Especially, the water tank is in a warm and humid environment at about 40 ° C for a long time. Hidden health risks. The instant intelligent toilet cover has no water storage tank and directly heats the living water. This problem does not exist.

Smart Toilet Cover

3. capacity and constant temperature

Like the thermal storage electric water heater, the thermal storage smart toilet cover also has the problem of limited water capacity. However, due to the structural limitation of the smart toilet cover, the built-in water tank is smaller and the water volume is more limited. Generally, hot water can only last about 1 minute. However, due to the limitation of water quantity, after the hot water in the water storage tank is consumed, cold water will be continuously added, and the water temperature will also drop accordingly. The change in water temperature will greatly reduce the experience. However, the instant-type toilet lid is instant-on and instant-heating, and there is no restriction on the amount of water, so it can also maintain the constant temperature of hot water.

4. cost

As for the purchase cost, because the instant intelligent toilet cover technology is more advanced and the material cost is higher, the price is relatively higher than the thermal storage intelligent toilet cover.

But it cannot be ignored that the cost is not only the purchase cost but also the use cost. The instant intelligent toilet cover is a product that instantly heats up when in use, and will be powered off when not in use. The thermal storage smart toilet cover is heated when the temperature of the water tank drops, that is, the water tank is continuously heated 24 hours a day. The power consumption is much higher than the instant intelligent toilet lid.

It can be seen that the thermal and thermal storage smart toilet lids are clear at a glance. In fact, if you check the development history of smart toilet lids, you can know that smart toilet lids were originally only thermal storage products. Due to the above-mentioned shortcomings, mainstream companies have begun targeted R & D and launched instant thermal products. The proportion is constantly increasing. In other words, the emergence of the thermal smart toilet cover is to solve many problems of thermal storage products.

Therefore, if the budget is sufficient, I recommend that the hot smart toilet cover is worth having.

Smart Toilet Cover

What features are necessary?

In addition to the most basic cleaning functions, the smart toilet lid has many other functions. Which functions are required and which are optional?

1. High frequency and high satisfaction function

According to the white paper, seat heating, hip cleaning, female cleaning, disinfection and deodorization functions are used frequently and with high satisfaction. Therefore, these functions are a must-have functional area for the smart toilet cover, and it is recommended that the products you purchase cover these functions.

2.Functions to be improved at high frequency

The functions of drying and rinsing mobile massage belong to functional areas where users use it frequently, but their satisfaction needs to be improved. Therefore, we recommend that these features be covered in the products you buy. But in order to achieve better results, be sure to buy products from mainstream brands.

3. the function of using less frequently

In addition, water temperature adjustment, water pressure adjustment, wind temperature adjustment, seat temperature adjustment, flushing position adjustment, memory function, light night light, multimedia and other functions are used less frequently by users. Therefore, when purchasing, it is recommended that you can according to your own needs , Combined with budget and usage habits to set the functional area, after all, the more features, the higher the price of the smart toilet cover.

Smart Toilet Cover

What kind of smart toilet cover to buy, then Xiaobian comes with a simple and rude:

When the budget cost is OK, priority is given to the instant intelligent toilet cover with seat heating, hip washing, women washing, disinfection and deodorization functions.

If there is a need for drying and rinsing mobile massage functions, then we must identify high-end brands with good evaluation and good reputation.