How To Choose A Water-Saving Smart Toilet


water-saving Smart toilet is a reform carried out on ordinary toilets. Water saving, one is to save water, and the other is to achieve the purpose of saving water through the reuse of wastewater. How to choose a smart water-saving toilet?

Water-saving Smart toilet — assessing weight
Generally speaking, the heavier the toilet, the better. The average toilet weighs about 25 kg, while a good toilet weighs about 50 kg. The heavy toilet has high density, solid materials and good quality. If you don’t have the ability to pick up the entire toilet to weigh it, you may wish to lift the water tank lid to lift the weight, because the weight of the water tank lid is often proportional to the weight of the toilet.

Water-saving Smart toilets

Water-saving Smart toilets-Learn about capacity
For the same flushing effect, of course, the less water is used, the better. Sanitary wares on the market generally indicate water consumption, but you must learn to test the actual water consumption of the toilet.

Bring an empty mineral water bottle, close the water inlet faucet of the toilet, after draining the water in the water tank, open the water tank cover and manually add water to the water tank with the mineral water bottle. According to the capacity of the mineral water bottle, roughly calculate the amount of water. The water inlet valve is completely closed? It is necessary to see if this water consumption is consistent with the water consumption marked by the toilet.

Water-saving Smart toilets

Water-saving Smart toilet — test tank
In general, the higher the water tank height, the better the impulse. In addition, it is necessary to inspect the toilet storage tank for leaks. You can drip the blue ink into the toilet tank, and stir it to see if there is any blue water flowing out of the toilet outlet. If there is any, there is a leak in the toilet.

Water-saving Smart toilet — test water
The quality of water parts directly affects the flushing effect and determines the service life of the toilet. When buying, you can press the button to listen to the sound, and it is best to make a crisp sound. Also observe the size of the water outlet valve in the water tank. The larger the valve, the better the water outlet effect. A diameter of 7 cm or more is better.

Water-saving Smart toilet — touch glazed
The toilet with good quality has smooth glazed surface, smooth and smooth appearance without foaming, and soft color. Everyone should use the original reflective surface to observe the glazed surface of the toilet. The matte glazed surface is easy to appear under the light. After inspecting the glazed surface, you should also touch the toilet’s sewer. If the sewer is rough, it will easily catch dirt.

Water-saving Smart toilets

Wmart water-saving toilet — measuring caliber
Large-diameter sewage pipes and glazing on the inner surface are not easy to hang dirty, and the sewage is discharged quickly and effectively, which effectively prevents blockage. If you don’t have a ruler, you can put your whole hand into the toilet mouth.

Water-saving Smart toilet — flushing method
Toilet flushing methods are divided into straight flushing, rotary siphoning, swirling siphoning, and jetting siphoning; pressing the water can be divided into flushing, siphoning, and siphoning. The flush type and siphon flush type have strong drainage capacity, but the sound is loud when flushing; while the vortex type uses a large amount of water at one time, but has a good mute effect; the flush flush siphon toilet has the advantages of both flush and siphon. , Can not only wash the dirt quickly, but also play a role in saving water.

Water-saving Smart toilets

Smart water-saving toilet — field trial flush
Many sanitary ware sales points have on-site trial devices, and it is most direct to try the flushing effect directly. According to national regulations, in the toilet test, 100 resin pellets that can float can be placed in the toilet. A qualified toilet must have less than 15 pellets in one flush. The less the remaining, the more the toilet flushes. Well, some toilets can even wash down.

The water-saving smart toilet is more environmentally friendly and more comfortable to use, so it is a worthwhile bathroom product. I hope the content introduced above can help everyone.