How To Choose Smart Home Security Devices


More and more families choose to install smart home security devices for their homes. But there are all kinds of security products on the market, some of which are advanced in science and technology, some of which are affordable, some of which are thoughtful after-sales, and each has its own characteristics. In order to facilitate your choice of the most appropriate security devices, the following purchasing skills are arranged for you.

At present, most of the home security devices have the functions of mobile phone monitoring, online monitoring, on-site alarm, remote alarm, power-off alarm, linkage defense, signal disappearance alarm, full voice prompt, etc. If a security product does not have these functions, then it can be said that this is not a standard product, so when selecting security products, we must make sure that the product has these basic functions This function.

The working mode of home security devices can be roughly divided into two kinds: Super Heterodyne and super regenerative receiving mode. The superheterodyne receiver is stable, sensitive and anti-jamming. The superheterodyne receiver is small and cheap. These two ways of receiving home security devices is not absolutely better, or according to your personal needs.

Ordinary users generally do not have the professional skills of security, so when choosing products, they should pay attention to the products with simple operation and easy installation to avoid troubles in installation and debugging. Of course, some companies provide professional debugging services, which is more convenient for users to use the product.

For home security devices, 24-hour protection is the key, considering the image blur caused by the lack of light at night, inadequate monitoring and other factors. Therefore, the best choice for users is to choose products with infrared function. It should be noted that the product functions do not need to be too much, just practical.

1. The camera with infrared night vision function can not receive strong light frequently, otherwise it will greatly affect the state judgment of the camera.

In addition, in the field of vision of the infrared camera, try to avoid all black objects, environments with great light difference, too open places and objects that can absorb infrared light, otherwise the effect of the infrared light of the camera will be greatly weakened.

2. The gas leakage system fails to give an alarm in time.

Sometimes, it is not because of devices failure, but the installation position of the alarm is wrong. For example, if the density of natural gas is smaller than that of air, its alarm device should be installed within 0.3m from the roof. The gas density is higher than that of air, and its alarm should be installed at a distance of 0.3m from the ground.

3. The security devices needs to provide uninterrupted current to maintain 24-hour monitoring.

Many devices, including cameras, infrared alarms, etc., may become lightning channels in thunderstorm weather, so the lightning protection of security devices is an indispensable work. However, even if lightning protection is done well, it is still unable to completely guarantee the insulation between these devices and lightning, so users should try their best to shut down unimportant security devices in order to ensure more security and safety.

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