Kohler Smart Toilet


For the purchase of smart toilets in the bathroom, quality is extremely important. If you can’t distinguish the quality of toilets on the market, you can choose freely from some first-line brands, so that you can rest assured, which one is better for kohler smart toilet? ? Is kohler smart toilet easy to use? Let me take a look.

1. Which one is good for kohler smart toilet
The models in kohler smart toilet mainly end with K and also KC. What is the difference between them? The toilet models ending with K are generally sold in Hangzhou or Shanghai. The models ending with KC are The main products sold in these two regions are:

Kohler toilet of model K-13483T-CP, the size is 37.40 * 5.90 * 13.20kg (height * width * depth), weight is 1mg;
Kohler model K-17530T-ST polished chrome-plated toilets in Eurasia size 37.10 * 8.50 * depth 8.50kg and weight 1mg;
Kohler Pino Grade 5 Cyclone Split White Toilet with model K-3831T-0, size 735 * 745 * 430kg, weight 55mg.

2. Is kohler smart toilet easy to use?
The smart toilet series in the kohler smart toilet uses a five-stage cyclone flushing system, which can flush, save water and protect the environment in one step, and better solve the problems of sewage, cleaning, and water conservation for consumers. In particular, the 4.2-liter five-level cyclone green energy technology can allow kohler smart toilets to have super-strong sewage discharge capacity, or save 30% of water consumption compared to MB national standard.

In addition, the design of kohler smart toilet presents noble and gorgeous features, making its products also very luxurious equipment in world-class five-star hotels, which is a very good free choice.

However, the cover of kohler smart toilet does not want ordinary toilet lids to be suitable for all toilets, mainly because its cantilever, technology, and user-friendly design are not compatible with other toilets, especially arc-shaped toilets. Not even with the square toilet.

The kohler smart toilet belongs to electrical products, while other toilets are related products, its internal structure and composition are very different, and the cost is relatively high. Once the warranty period is reached, it is necessary to damage it. Expensive maintenance costs.

In addition, the kohler smart toilet is difficult for the elderly and children to operate. It is equipped with an operation panel with tedious buttons, which increases the difficulty of operation. If the operation is incorrect, it will easily cause circuit problems, and it will not reach water spray, heating, Deodorizing effect.

Although kohler smart toilet is said to be a modern and popular product, its scope of application is relatively limited. If consumers are not used to it, they should choose it carefully.

Summary: The above is the explanation of which kohler smart toilets are good and how easy to use kohler smart toilets. Kohler is in the first-line position in the bathroom industry. The quality of the toilet is not a concern. The toilets I recommend are Not bad, of course, their smart toilet is also a good free choice.