LivingLab Smart Home Lighting Solution Sharing: Curtains Can Also Be Smart


As the pace of life accelerates, it becomes more and more “luxury” to wake up to sleep naturally, and you have to get up in the harsh alarm clock every day, but with the smart curtains, it can help you easily achieve your wish. You can set Deciding when it will open or close, or controlling all the curtains in the home with just one sentence, will undoubtedly bring a new experience to life, especially in some specific scenarios, smart curtains can even “think what you think “To be your most intimate companion.

Early Morning

Ding Ding Ding … With the familiar and boring alarm bells, the hostess started her new day at 7 o’clock every morning, and before the waking up gas subsided, the only thing she wanted to know was the weather outside the window, Because she needs to figure out what clothes to wear today before getting up. After all, the time in the morning is very urgent and she can’t afford to spend too much time thinking about it. However, when the sleepy eyes are dim, she doesn’t want to get up and open the curtains … ..

Before there were no smart curtains at home, this problem had troubled her, especially in the winter morning, the warm quilt was so unsettling, but since the smart curtains were installed at home, everything has become easier, because she only Need to say one thing: opening the curtains in the bedroom will automatically open the curtains, of course, pulling the curtains is a matter of one sentence. If on the weekend, she wants to sleep until she wakes up naturally, then she can set the curtains to open automatically and let the curtains replace the annoying alarm clock.

Lunch break

After having lunch on the weekend, I like to watch movies at home alone. The free time is always fleeting, and the afternoon sun is falling fast. The sun will cause reflection on the TV screen and affect the watching TV. At this time, the plot is also at the most exciting part, and she is unwilling to go and pull up the curtains in the living room. At this time, the smart curtains in the living room again become a considerate housekeeper. Close the curtains in the living room, and the curtains will be very quiet during the closing process, which will not disturb the movie watching. Of course, when encountering a scary plot, you can also open the curtains through voice control to save timid classmates.


In the experience of everyone taking a bath, you may have encountered many “embarrassing” things, and the most embarrassing thing is that you have forgotten to bring a towel after taking a bath. Unfortunately, the curtains in the living room just happened She didn’t pull it, but after being extremely embarrassed, she suddenly thought of her own intelligent curtains. She only needed a word to pull the curtains at home, which instantly resolved the embarrassing scene.

In ordinary life, smart curtains can also bring more “hidden” space. When it is not convenient to move, you only need to say a word to pull the curtains, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to close the curtains when you go out to avoid sunburn. The furniture in the home can also ensure the safety of the home.

Good night

As night falls, I hope to have a more comfortable and private time after a busy day. At this time, the voice function of smart curtains can be used to conveniently close the curtains in the living room and bedroom at home, creating a more warm home environment, and the hostess will also every night Start your yoga practice on time at 7:30. After the end of half an hour of practice, you can choose the leisure style she likes, such as watching TV and reading books. When you feel sleepy, you can safely enter your dreamland. Finally, she can say “good night” to a busy and fulfilling day, and smart curtains have become an indispensable companion in her life.

After one week with the smart curtain, I don’t want to go back anymore, and I don’t want to pull the curtain by myself, because all of this is in the eyes of the smart home, it only takes one word to do it. Remind how beautiful life is.