Smart Locks


smart door locks are improved locks that are different from traditional mechanical locks, and are more smart and simplified in terms of user safety, identification, and management. Smart door lock is the execution part of the door lock in the access control system.
smart door lock is different from traditional mechanical lock, it is a compound lock with safety, convenience and advanced technology.
Magnetic card, RF card (non-contact type, high security, plastic material, convenient configuration and low cost)
Proven technologies that use non-mechanical keys as user identification IDs, such as:
Fingerprint lock, iris recognition access control (biometrics, high security, no loss and damage; but inconvenient configuration and high cost)
TM card (contact type, high security, stainless steel, very convenient to configure and carry, low price)
It is widely used in the following places: banks, government departments (focus on security), and hotels, school dormitories, residential quarters, villas, hotels (focus on convenient management)

Smart lock

Smart lock usage profile

1. Refer to the smart phone for remote control such as IOS platform or android system platform for remote control, enter the set password to control, and the door will open automatically for you.
2. You don’t need to worry about you forgetting to bring the key or the key is lost. Your family can also unlock it remotely by operation.
3. For security, the wifi smart door lock has a more complete protection mechanism. Anyone who has been authorized to unlock, lock, and unlock can be grasped in time by you and your family.
4. More applications in the following places :. Banks, government agencies (focus on security), hotels, school dormitories, residential quarters, villas, hotels (focus on convenience management).
5. Smart door locks are mainly used in smart home, smart hotel / hotel, smart building and other systems.

Smart lock

Embedded development of smart locks

In the smart door lock control scheme, the embedded development of the door lock is a relatively important step, so as to realize wireless data conversion and wireless control on the hardware. The smart door lock mainly uses the serial port wifi module TLN13UA06, which is a new generation of embedded Wi-Fi module products. The software and hardware interfaces are fully compatible with TLG10UA03, Bluetooth module, Bluetooth chip, small size and low power consumption.
The embedded wifi module uses UART interface, built-in IEEE802.11 protocol stack and TCP / IP protocol stack, which can realize the conversion from user serial port to wireless network. Support serial port transparent data transmission mode, which can make the traditional serial device can easily access the wireless network.

Smart lock

Features of Smart Lock

1. Security

After installing the fingerprint lock, it should not affect the function of using the security door. There are no obvious hidden dangers to the lock.

2. Stability is the most important index of fingerprint lock.

It usually takes more than one year to be used for stabilization and stabilization. Consumers are better off choosing the manufacturer that produces fingerprint locks. Such enterprises generally have better production experience. R & D experience is the best stabilization factor.

3. Versatility

It should be applicable to most domestic anti-theft doors (conforming to the 2008 national standards for anti-theft doors), with a small amount of modification. A good fingerprint lock installation time should be no more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, it is generally difficult for users to complete the installation and maintenance themselves. Good universal design can also effectively reduce dealer inventory.

4. Intelligence

Adding, deleting, and other operations should be very simple, and users do not need to remember too many passwords and codes. The high-performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with a video display system, which is convenient for users to operate.

5. Manufacturer brand If you ask me which brand of fingerprint lock I choose, I can only say that the best choice for customer service is the focus of choosing a fingerprint lock. Only when the manufacturer’s production quality is guaranteed, can the user be assured of using it; only when the manufacturer’s after-sales is guaranteed, can someone solve it in time when there is a problem (the product is not bad, everyone should not think that what you buy is impossible (Bad); Only when the manufacturer’s quality and after-sales are guaranteed can the user be prevented from opening the door and being shut out.