Smart Toilet Of Smart Home


The intelligent toilet has many special functions: such as hip cleansing, lower body cleansing, mobile cleansing, seat insulation, warm air drying, automatic deodorization, silent seating, and so on. The most convenient is that in addition to being operated through the button panel, there are also special remote control devices to achieve these functions. When consumers use them, as long as they hold the remote control lightly, all functions can be easily realized.

Smart toilet

The smart toilet was originally used for medical and elderly health care. The cleansing function can effectively reduce anal diseases and bacterial infections in the lower part of women, and greatly reduce the prevalence of gynecological diseases and anorectal diseases. The water potential with different strengths of massage function repeatedly acts on cleansed areas, promotes blood circulation, and prevents related diseases, especially for patients with constipation, which has a laxative effect.

The origins of smart toilets

Smart toilets originated in the United States, and later South Korea and Japan developed rapidly and quickly became popular all over the world.
Most of the smart toilets have incorporated antibacterial design, that is, nano-silver antibacterial material is used in the seat, bacteria cannot survive, and cross infection is avoided.

Traditional toilets are often connected to water tanks, and long-term non-use can lead to bacterial growth and endanger family health. The smart toilet without water tank is designed to allow tap water to be directly supplied to the private washing and flushing system, avoiding long-term non-use and causing water pollution, so that high-quality water can be maintained during private washing and flushing.

Smart Toilet

Application advantages of smart toilets

High-end atmosphere
The temperature is getting lower and lower, and many people are used to put velvet washers on the toilet, but with the development of technology, smart toilets are becoming more and more acceptable. Over the years, the toilet has been constantly innovating, from materials to shapes to intelligent functions. When reporters visited the market, they also found that many sanitary ware brands have launched smart toilets, and the price is extremely close to the people. You may wish to change your mindset and try another smart toilet.

Attentive people may find that if the toilet is not cleaned for a few days, there will be stains on the inside and outside. In fact, the toilet has microbes that we cannot see with the naked eye, and there are viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites that easily cause infectious diseases. The smart toilet has a sterilization function, which has great advantages in preventing bacterial infections, hemorrhoids, and constipation.

More comfortable
The general smart toilet combines multiple functions such as heating the toilet ring, washing with warm water, and massage to provide better cleansing effect and comfortable cleaning experience. The dual nozzle design provides hip cleansing and feminine cleaning, and the washing is in place; while the pulse washing mode can enjoy the effect of SPA massage.

Smart Toilet

Smart toilet is more convenient

The plastic wastebasket in the bathroom will greatly increase the speed of bacterial reproduction if it is not cleaned in time. The smart toilet can be automatically cleaned and dried after being “convenient” without the need for toilet paper to wipe, which effectively solves the hygiene problems caused by toilet paper and wastebaskets. . In this way, not only warm water is automatically sprayed and rinsed after “convenient”, and warm air drying is performed, but even toilet paper and paper baskets can be discarded.