Sony Smart TV X8500G Compared To X8566F



Sony smart tv X8566F system is Android 7.0, the menu setting interface pops up on the right, does not support Dolby Vision • Atmos
(8566F / 8500F has updated Android 8.0 system in July to support streaming Dolby Vision)
Sony smart tv X8500G has been upgraded to Android 8.0, the menu setting interface pops up on the lower side, and supports Dolby Vision • Atmos

Content Source

Both support the installation of third-party software, and there are no startup advertisements and user interface advertisements.

Sony smart tv

Voice assistant

Sony smart tv X8566F’s voice assistant responds slowly and the recognition rate is poor (still after updating 8.0)
Sony smart tv X8500G’s voice assistant has fast response and high recognition rate
Voice assistant supports searching for source in third-party software

Hardware configuration and performance

Sony smart tv X8566F / 8500F running memory 2GB, practically available 1.5GB, A53 quad-core 1.5GHZ processor, GPU Mali-T860 MP2
Sony smart tv X8500G runs with 3GB of memory, and actually uses 2.3GB, A73 quad-core 1.5GHZ processor, GPU is Mali-G71 MP8
8GB for X8566F / 8500F and 6GB for X8500G


Sony smart tv X8566F is the rear speaker
Sony smart tv X8500G is a “sound and picture” multi-channel screen sound field technology


Sony smart tv X8500G supports eARC port (enhanced audio return channel), 8566F does not support it, only HDMI ARC port
Sony smart tv X8500G is four HDMI 2.0 ports, 8566F is two 2.0, two 1.4
No change in image processing technology