TCL Full Scene Smart TV


TCL Full Scene Smart TV, How to become the entry point of AIoT visualization? With the advent of the 5G era, the development of AIoT has gradually entered the right track.

If the most typical application scenario in the 5G era is a smartphone, the second scenario is the smart home. Compared with the high-profile upgrade of smart phone technology, the upgrade and innovation of smart home equipment are not so active. However, the AI TV that has always played a central role in the living room has shown a new development in the 5G era.

TCL Smart TV

With the rapid development of the Internet, a variety of portable entertainment electronic products such as handhelds, mobile phones, tablets and PC notebooks are blooming. The status of TV as the entertainment dominance in the family is gradually diminishing. Even the elderly groups marginalized by the trend have also “collectively” flowed in. In the ocean of WeChat and Pinduoduo.

The focus of user experience will gradually shift to smart homes. The huge business opportunities in this sector are not only opportunities for Internet mobile phone manufacturers, but also opportunities for home appliance manufacturers. It is not difficult to see that in the entire smart home product layout, the core dominance of the headquarters is the TV.

Smart Home Center, not a science fiction movie

According to the current development trend, with the popularization of 5G networks and the upgrading of TVs, TVs will not only be TVs in the future, but will be a smart center that integrates more home scene applications, or become a control hub for various smart home appliances. Among them, the well-known domestic appliance brand TCL TV has achieved remarkable results in the application of AloT, and has released a variety of “future” full-scenario AI smart TVs.

Therefore, in this field, home appliance manufacturers have an absolute advantage, especially those home appliance companies that have multiple home appliance manufacturing capabilities. For example, TCL, from air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, to kitchen and bathroom supplies, and security systems, has a fairly complete product system, so for TCL, in the AIot era, what to do is to perfect the excellent products that have accumulated over the years. Connection and integration, application of intelligent interconnection to improve user experience.

TCL Smart TV

Take the newly released series of high-end smart TVs including the TCL C10, its full-scenario AI function creates a ubiquitous and pervasive intelligent experience scene for users.

TCL combines full scene AI with TCL’s smart home system, allowing smart homes to quickly integrate into every corner of the home. At present, smart home devices such as smart lights, smart air conditioners, and smart sweeping robots can be turned on through televisions. Turn the TV into an all-round smart home control center. It has extended its intelligent use scene to the whole house and opened up the gap between different areas.

As smart TVs are upgraded from traditional content display platforms to home control centers that integrate consumption and entertainment, in the future, driven by 5G, TV-centric smart homes are likely to usher in explosive growth and bring users For a smarter and more convenient high-tech life experience.

How TV innovation, XESS smart screen found the answer

AI TV’s intelligent voice function occupies a very important position in human-computer interaction. In the future, human-computer interaction is likely to become the main battlefield for major brands to compete, and more technological innovations will emerge.

TCL Smart TV

When Internet TV needs to use remote control or additional smart speakers to wake up the TV for voice command operation, TCL TV already supports the third generation far-field voice technology. TCL calls it HandFree wake-up-free function.

In addition to freeing your hands and waking up the TV in one sentence, TCLHandFree’s wake-up-free function also solves the pain points of traditional smart TV voice operation-each time you control the TV, you have to say the wake-up word “unlock” the TV. The TCL TV equipped with HandFree wake-up-free can do commands in some high-frequency scenes without repeating wake-up words, and can reduce the misoperation rate to 0.001%, which greatly improves the user experience.

If the front camera of the Honor Smart Screen is a big innovation, then the TCL · XESS Smart Screen Pro equipped with a hidden camera can further achieve a “90 ° rotating screen” in scenarios such as short videos and live broadcasts. It is very courageous and disruptive innovation. This seemingly imaginative “wonderful idea” is not a product of a forehead and a hot brain, but a bold and innovative design that meets the needs of users: horizontally is a 55-inch TV with outstanding visual effects, and it is even more vertical. 55-inch giant screen mobile phone.

AI battlefield will become more and more fierce

In recent years, TV has been used as a connecting link between all things and smart home appliances. AIoT is a word often mentioned by various manufacturers.

Although some Internet companies seem to have launched many smart products and have been in layout for a long time, most of them are mainly sales of routers, mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other smart devices such as smart lights, toothbrushes, speakers, etc. It is difficult to compare with mainstream appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners, that is, no real smart appliance ecological chain has been formed at all.

TCL Smart TV

The current strategy of these companies is mainly to seek cooperation with some home appliance manufacturers. The problem of the weak ecological chain, but the smart appliances born from this slightly rough assembly method can only be said to connect to Wi-Fi and ignore Wi-Fi. Ignore The essence of AIoT intelligent interaction.

In the Internet of Things life with 5G communication, TV will be an important visual entrance in AIoT, and there will be more humane innovations in voice interaction. In the era of the Internet of Everything, as market demand for 5G, AIoT, 8K, etc. continues to erupt, in terms of the technology and R & D capabilities exhibited by various TV manufacturers, TCL will have great advantages. At present, TCL already has many smart home appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, TVs, etc. In the future AloT era, TCL is likely to become the first choice of consumer homes.