The Difference Between Smart Toilets And Ordinary Toilets


More and more smart home products are pouring into people’s daily lives, and smart toilets are one of them. Below, take the intelligent lifting toilet as an example to talk about the difference between the intelligent toilet and the ordinary toilet.

The Difference Between Smart Toilets And Ordinary Toilets

It is reported that this smart lifting toilet has five colors, the toilet pit distance is 305mm, and the size is in the middle of the smart toilet. According to evaluation, the smart lifting toilet has distinctive features compared with ordinary smart toilets. Waterless tank design, with diamond facet style as the main line, integrated into the world’s high-end sports car elements, personalized and full of modernity. Although cut with diamonds, the corners are rounded to prevent bumps and injuries. The overall style is too tough, especially the use of Lamborghini’s super-running appearance elements, I believe it will attract the attention of many male consumers.

This smart lifting toilet’s lifting function can find the most comfortable squatting toilet height from children about 1 meter to adults 2 meters high. After field measurement, the minimum adjustable height between the ground and the seat is 350mm, and the maximum height is 450mm. The lift can be easily adjusted with the remote control. The speed when lifting is slow, there will be no shock, stable lifting, and it will not stop suddenly when stopping to make the person sitting on it feel the center of gravity change.

Smart Toilets

Adhering to the humanized design concept, the design of this intelligent lifting toilet fully considers the differences between women and men. Unlike ordinary smart toilets that can only flip the lid without flipping the seat, a person is within 1 meter of the toilet. Through infrared induction, the toilet lid and seat will automatically open at the same time. When used by women, the seat ring can be easily and independently controlled to prevent the seat ring from being polluted and protect women’s health.

At the same time, the product uses high-quality ABS material that is resistant to pressure and scratches, and ceramics that are integrally fired at high temperature. The density is high, it is not easy to crack, the glaze is saturated, and the surface is bright and clean without bubbles and impurities. After a reporter’s test, use an oil pen to write on the inner wall of the toilet and wipe it off with a paper towel.

Flushing is one of the highlights of this type of toilet. It has a patented flushing system that flushes the inner wall of the toilet. The water flow is not large and wastes no water. There is no dead angle flushing. Flushing is also the cleaning process. It can automatically deodorize and avoid opening the toilet. Awkward at the door. The smart toilet also has an ultra-violet sterilization function with a wavelength of 260 nanometers, so you don’t need to worry about bacteria breeding after flushing.

This intelligent lifting toilet has a luminous function, so when going to the toilet at night, especially the elderly, it can be illuminated by soft luminous lights, which is very convenient for night use. At the same time, the toilet embodies the humanized design in all aspects, including the child seat card slot, which is convenient for children in the family to use, and is conducive to the cultivation of children’s independence. It is really a good helper for the home care of the elderly and children.

At the same time, in addition to the water temperature, wind temperature, and sitting temperature protection during use, this toilet is also designed with leakage protection and water outage protection at the plug. At the same time, a one-button restart system is designed. Because it is washed with water, in addition to the internal design of a water filter device, in terms of water safety, a special water valve is also designed for this toilet. A new layer of filter device is added inside to maximize water safety.

Smart Toilets

Moreover, the remote control buttons are clearly classified, easy to operate, and have a large volume, which is convenient for the elderly and children at home to identify. The remote control is wirelessly controlled and its placement is not limited. A simple control panel is also designed on the side of the toilet. The keys are clear and have fluorescent special effects, which can be clearly seen at night.