What Does A Smart Toilet Do?


Nowadays, smart home products are slowly coming into people’s lives, and more people are paying attention to and using them. So what exactly does the smart toilet do? Don’t worry, below, I will introduce some of the prominent features of the smart toilet.

What does a smart toilet do? What are the functions and benefits of smart toilet?

Smart toilet function

1.Smart toilet automatic heating function

The cover of the toilet is a pressure cover, which automatically heats up when it feels pressure. This is a very practical function in winter and gives people a comfortable feeling.

2.Smart toilet automatic flip function

When a person approaches, the toilet will automatically open the lid without opening it by hand; if it is a male, as long as you stand in front of the toilet for a while, the second cover will automatically open.

3. Smart toilet warm air drying function

Generally speaking, the smart toilet currently on the market has three levels of temperature. It has an adjustable intelligent warm air drying function, which can accelerate the dryness of the buttocks after washing.

4.Smart toilet automatic deodorization function

Using high-tech catalyst automatic deodorization device, the odor in the toilet bowl is concentratedly extracted, and then attracted by the catalyst, so that the air in the bathroom is fresh and free of odor.
There are basically two types of deodorizing functions: 1. DC motor exhausts and filters the odor through activated carbon; 2. Decomposes and neutralizes by using an ozone generator.

5.Smart toilet night soft lighting function

Warm and soft cylinder body low-light illumination will bring you convenience when going to the toilet at night, and it will not eliminate your deep sleepiness.

6.Smart toilet automatic flushing and closing function

When a person leaves, the smart toilet automatically flushes and closes the lid. There is no need to flush the lid manually. This is more clean and hygienic, and avoids touching the bacteria on the smart toilet by hand.

7. Automatically rinse buttocks and women’s cleansing to achieve the role of cleaning.

Wiping with toilet paper after urination is not ideal. The best way is to wash it with warm running water in time and dry it with hot air, which is really dry and clean.
After urination, it can be washed directly with water, instead of paper towel cleaning, it will indeed be cleaner. And some smart toilets have a water massage function, which can not only effectively wash away dirt, but also massage to promote blood circulation and prevent constipation and hemorrhoids.


The smart toilet has a certain improvement in human health and toilet comfort. If the price is within the acceptable range, everyone is recommended to buy it. However, there are many smart toilets on the market today, and there are many considerations for the functionality and technicality of the product.

1. First of all, consider how well its basic function will discharge sewage.
2. Durability can be judged from the quality of the original. The integrated seat is more durable than the ordinary seat.
3. Safety is also a very important point for smart toilets: waterproofness, whether electricity is safe, and anti-scalding protection are all aspects that need to be considered.
4. Many smart toilets don’t have much difference in function, but the sense of experience is very different, so you can ask the staff to demonstrate the experience when buying.