What Is A Smart Washing Machine And Do I Need One?


Smart washing machines are a buzzword for white goods manufacturers now, but what exactly are they and do you really need the features they provide? Please read it carefully to find out.

The washing machine must be one of the most versatile appliances in the kitchen. From prewashing and wrinkling prevention to extra rinsing and start delays, there are many things to keep you clear when you do your washing, before you do a lot of washing programs, temperature settings and spin speeds.

However, when faced with so many choices, how many of us just click on the same settings we have been using and ignore the rest? What additional functions can smart washing machines provide without the same problem?

In this feature, we will look at some of the main reasons for buying a smart washing machine, reject marketing, and see if they are really useful, and some of the best smart washing machines you can buy now.

Smart Washing Machine

What is a smart washing machine

Although non-smart washing machines have many ingenious features, the smart washing machines we are discussing here can be specifically connected to your home’s Wi-Fi to enjoy certain features. These can:

Remotely controlled cleaning

With the companion app for your smart washing machine, you will be able to start or pause washing from your smartphone-no matter whether you are upstairs, on the way to work or on the way to work.

Monitor washing progress

Check your washing method with the app and notify you when washing is complete.

Smart home compatibility

Some smart washing machines work with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can use your voice to start the washing process. In addition, you can assign washing loads to smart home sequences or routines.

Maintenance information

If there is a problem with the washing machine, the connected smartphone can receive details of any malfunctions to the companion app to alert you early. Some people even help you solve the problem yourself, eliminating the need to call a repairman.

What kind of smart washing machine do you need?

Is a smart washing machine a real reward for extra cost, or is it smart? Please read it carefully to find out.

Remote control

If you’ve ever put a load on a washing machine and don’t want to put it there, then you can buy a smart washing machine.
Maybe you go out and want to finish washing when you return, but don’t want to soak the washing machine in the drum for too long-you can check your washing machine through the companion app and set it to best suit you Time, as well as selection mode and any special features. You can also pause the current wash if you are postponed somewhere and want to pause.

Do i need it

On several occasions, the ability to start or pause a loop from a distance is useful, but most of the time you have to load the washing machine and let it go straight away-even if you are going out and sitting in a well-maintained drum for hours without Is a big problem.
Now, if we can get a washing machine that automatically sorts the load, load it and set up a loop, this is what we can add …
Requirements: 2/10

Smart Washing Machine

2. Monitor your washing

Ever wondered if your partner was doing laundry as they promised? With a smart washing machine, you can check the washing time, the remaining time and the estimated completion time on your smartphone. You can also be notified when the cleaning load ends or the automatic dose of detergent is low.
In addition to catching a lazy family member, this also makes it easy to know when you need to go home to wash the load, or plan your day after the load is over.
Do i need it

Do you know anything about watching paint dry? Look at the washing cycle is not better. When you really think about it, it’s really of little use.

If you are a busy family with a lot of washing load, you can easily know how long one person can put another before leaving, but looking at the display downstairs will give you this information.

We don’t see a lot of uses for checking it from outside the house, unless you plan your days according to the load of washing, which is honest and we rarely do.

Automatic dosing and wash completion reminders may be helpful to forgetful people among us, but you usually get notifications from the washing machine itself at home-whether beeps or lights. If you are not at home, you may forget when you go home anyway …

Requirements: 1/10

3. Add it to your smart home

Some washing machine manufacturers now offer Alexa and / or Google Assistant compatibility, which will allow you to use a compatible device (such as Amazon Echo or Google Home Mini (Parameters | Pictures)) to control your washing machine with your voice (instead of the built-in smart assistant ) The machine itself, currently). This includes washing machines from Samsung, LG, Bosch, Hoover and Whirlpool.

Having a smart home connection also means you can incorporate it into a smart home “routine”, which allows you to trigger a series of actions with a verbal command. For example, giving your smart assistant the command ‘Good night’ can lock the door, turn off the lights, lower the thermostat and switch the cleaning load. Futuristic or what?

Do i need it
Although it’s fun to use your voice to control appliances, the fact remains that you still need to load the washing machine and add detergent yourself-so it seems more reasonable, and more likely, you just need to set it there.

The same goes for breaking it down into any smart home routine. Unless you specifically want the wash load to run as part of a series of events because you are going to sleep or wake up (don’t forget that it still needs to be filled and ready to go), it may not be particularly practical. As a futurist, you may seem to do this for the first time in history.

Requirements: 3/10

4. Repair the washing machine
If you’ve ever called a repairman at an extremely high cost and found that this is something you’ve really done yourself, a smart washing machine can save you time and cash.

When problems arise, the companion app for your washing machine can help you self-diagnose the problem (or, equally, let you know when to leave it to a professional). Most have troubleshooting tips built into the application, and some even guide you step-by-step through the repair.

Do i need it
Receive notifications before problems get worse, such as blocking filters, which is a very handy feature, as are troubleshooting tips to help you solve the problem yourself.

That said, most washing machines come with a physical or digital manual that may provide similar guidance, and any error code from Quick Google usually points in the right direction.

Remember to clean the filter in time, the drum and detergent drawer will also help to keep the washing machine in the best condition.

Requirements: 4/10

Smart Washing Machine

Should I buy a smart washing machine?

Although you will notice that the extra features provided by smart washing machines are unlikely to bring real benefits to your life, now smart features are getting lower and lower in scope, and rarely cost extra. So even if you are looking at an entry-level washing machine, you may not be able to avoid it.

For example, the washing machine of the Samsung ecobubble WW70J5555FX contains some smart functions, priced at 3,289 yuan, up to their 10,578 yuan Samsung QuickDrive WW10M86DQOO, provided with each smart ringtone and whistle. Other manufacturers are doing the same, so if it matters to you, it’s worth checking out the smart features.

If you don’t need to pay extra for extra features, you may occasionally find them useful, but at this stage we don’t recommend them as a must-have on your shopping list. Instead, we recommend that you consider more traditional features first, and you may find them more useful-programs for fast loops and specific fabric types, not to mention drum size and rotation speed. Read our guide to the best washing machines to learn more about features to watch out for and some of our top picks.