What Is The Best Smart Toilet?


What is the best smart toilet?
A good smart toilet should have conventional functions, that is, the two main functions of “warm water washing” and “warm air drying” of the smart toilet.

1. The electric toilet of the intelligent toilet has electric heating device, which can ensure the temperature between 25 and 40 degrees, even in winter, it will not feel cold;
2. The smart toilet has a sterilization and disinfection function, and the antibacterial rate of E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans reaches more than 98%. The smart toilet can play a good role in preventing bacteria and inhibiting bacteria
3. The circulatory water-saving and power-saving function adopted by the intelligent toilet also plays a major role in environmental protection.
4. Living water that avoids secondary infection is heat function

The heat storage type water tank is first heated and stored with hot water. Such long-term storage of hot water can easily breed bacteria and cause secondary infection. Therefore, Anhua Sanitary Ware intelligent toilets generally use the “hot water in 1 second” technology, which allows family members to enjoy the constant comfort brought by fresh warm water without waiting, so as to solve the problem caused by long-term water storage. The worries of bacteria, as long as you want to wash.

5. Free hip washing function of both hands
That’s right, the smart toilet can make you lazy to free your hands. After you’re done, you only need to gently press the hip wash function to automatically help you solve the aftermath.

And when washing PP, you can adjust the water temperature, water pressure, and even the washing position according to your preference. The hip washing function of the smart toilet is to help you repeatedly clean, and the cleaning degree will be cleaner than the operation. This has the benefit of preventing bacterial infections and reducing anal disease.