What Is The Best Toilet Brand?


With the continuous development of technology and technological innovation, a variety of high-tech products have poured into our daily lives, improving our quality of life. Smart toilets are high-tech bathroom products with so many bathroom brands. So which brand of smart toilet is good?

Which brand of smart toilet is good? Top ten brands of smart toilet

When it comes to smart toilets, we have to mention its flushing function. This is very user-friendly. After entering the toilet, the toilet can flush the hips according to the adjusted water temperature and dry them. This can ease local blood circulation in the anus, especially It has a good adjuvant effect for hemorrhoid patients. In addition, women’s menstrual periods are safe and hygienic, avoiding the troubles of traditional basin washing. The smart toilet has the function of circulating air, which can dry the lower body to avoid bacterial contamination caused by humidity. At the same time, it also has the function of warming the toilet ring in winter, so that it is not afraid of cold in the winter, and also has the function of self-cleaning. Don’t worry about the problem of cross infection.

A good smart toilet has good performance and is also very durable. Generally, the top ten toilet brands are selected from all aspects that are relatively good, and they are more trusted brands. Let ’s take a closer look at the situation.

1. Toto smart toilet

Toto should be a well-known sanitary ware brand. Toto’s products are also developing in a diversified direction. Only toilets are also its heavy products. The quality and performance of the products are still very reliable.
The TOTO company was founded by the Japanese Okura and the pro in 1917, and was originally named Toyo Pottery Co., Ltd., and then changed its name to TOTO.

Whether it is the Noriste Jian embodied by cutting-edge technological strength, or the washwash that brings a healthy experience in washing; whether it is a 4.8-liter water-saving toilet that drives the industry’s water-saving trend, or a hydropower faucet, and Hijet tiles No matter it is Zhijie technology, ultra-swirl washing, or SMA constant temperature, EcoMAX technology, TOTO products and technologies bring users a smart bathroom experience, and also integrate environmental protection and energy saving into their lives, and have made contributions to saving water. Awards, environmental contribution awards and many other awards.

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As a leading brand of intelligent sanitary ware, TOTO Sanitary Ware series products have been well received by the market, and its original “electrolytic water sterilization” technology has become a major technical highlight in the sanitary industry. It is reported that the electrolyzed water sterilization technology applied to the TOTO washing series products is a cleaning technology that can sterilize and disinfect in a short time. 

Compared with the ordinary washing in the past, the electric degerming water can effectively inhibit the bacteria and dirt in the toilet, and avoid the yellow spot stains formed by the residual dirt, but it will not cause any impact on the human body. After that, it will be automatically restored to normal domestic water. In addition to the functions of warm water washing, warm air drying, strong deodorization and toilet seat insulation, the new Washlet emphasizes humanized design, adding night light functions, automatic opening and closing of toilet covers, and soft lighting.

2. FAENZA smart toilet

FAENZA bathroom is a bathroom brand. FAENZA is a well-known ceramic town in Italy.

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At the beginning of the 20th century, the modernist painter Matisse, who was as famous as Picasso, traveled to the Italian ceramics village FAENZA to seek artistic inspiration. During a purposeless street stroll, mysteriously met a beautiful young girl, deeply moved by the girl ’s beauty Driven by huge creative inspiration and enthusiasm, the Italian designer created a work of charm and charm, named it “FAENZA Girl”. At one time, the beautiful and elegant artistic style of “FAENZA Girl” shocked the entire art Industry, the FAENZA brand was born from this.

3. Kohler smart toilet

The kohler company was founded in 1873 and is headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin, USA. It is one of the oldest and largest private companies in the United States. Kohler Co., Ltd. is a global leader in kitchen and bathroom products, high-end interior products, engines and power generation systems.

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In addition to the Kohler brand, Kohler also owns Jacob Delafon, a leading French sanitary ware brand, and Sterling, a leading brand in the American mass market. As a diversified manufacturing company, in addition to bathroom equipment, Kohler is a world leader in the fields of furniture and backup generators. It has many well-known brands including Baker high-end furniture, McGuire rattan furniture, Sanijura bathroom cabinet, Canac high-end furniture, Robern high-end bathroom cabinet, Ann Sacks Tile & Stone wall tiles, Kallista bathroom products and many other famous brands.

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