What’s The Difference Between An Smart Oven And A Mechanical Oven?

1. smart oven and mechanical oven are easy to distinguish, mainly switch, control mode is different. The former is with knob, the latter is touch control.
1) In comparison, mechanical is better than stable, durable and cheap. In the process of food baking, pay close attention to the change of food, and the mechanical oven can not accurately adjust the temperature, only about a temperature value.
2) The computer type is to control the temperature in the box through a computer chip. The temperature control is more accurate. After the food is put in, set the corresponding key, and start the work, you can not adjust it. It is easy to use, energy-saving and tall, but the price is also more expensive.

smart oven

2. The household electric oven is usually divided into three control automatic type (timing, temperature regulation, power regulation), temperature control timing type and common simple type.
1) For general families, it is enough to choose temperature control timing type, because this type of function is more complete and cost-effective.
2) If you like baking food, you often need to use a family with different baking cooking methods, then you can choose a high-grade three control automatic type. This kind of product has all kinds of baking functions, but the price is relatively expensive.
3) For families who just bake by chance, the simple and common type is an entry-level product. It should be noted that although the price of this type of product is relatively cheap, due to the manual control of temperature and time, it is necessary for the user to carefully grasp the baking temperature, to avoid food “sandwich” or excessive baking, which will affect the taste.