3D Brushed Door Lock Solution Lands at CES

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The 51st International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opened in Las Vegas. As a grand event in the technology circle, CES has become a new window for global high-tech companies to showcase representative products and technology levels, and to advocate for future lifestyles. With the rapid development of the artificial intelligence and 5G era, this year’s CES is obviously a gathering of masters. .

As the world’s largest and most influential consumer electronics technology exhibition, CES attracts a large number of outstanding Chinese companies to participate in the exhibition every year. It is understood that the number of exhibitors at this CES exceeded 4,500 and the number of participants was as high as 175,000. Among them, hundreds of domestic companies including Huawei, DJI, Lenovo, Aobi Zhongguang, etc. appeared collectively at CES. China Black Technology became the main force of the exhibition.

Compared with last year’s exhibition, the number of exhibitors from the artificial intelligence home field at CES 2020 will increase significantly, as Sarah Brown, director of public relations for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), said: “AI software applications will make people’s lives more Convenience. With the improvement of voice and visual recognition technology, AI-enabled products are everywhere in this year’s CES. “It can be seen that with the rapid development of intelligent technology, integration into the traditional manufacturing field of empowerment is profoundly changing users. Life experience brings more convenient and intelligent lifestyle to it.

CES 2020 exhibitors mostly come from consumer technology, smart home, wireless equipment, artificial intelligence and other fields. The highlight of the exhibition is undoubtedly the “black technology” that 5G + AI enables smart homes. Earlier media reports said that Samsung will launch a new generation of Family Hub refrigerators at this CES exhibition, which will adopt new AI functions and improve existing functions; smart home products brought by Chinese companies will also be particularly dazzling, and deeply dig into AI 3D transmission Aobi Zhongguang, a technology-innovative enterprise based on sensor technology, launched a number of black technology products at this exhibition. Among them, “3D face lock” is a well-known star product.

With the continuous development of society, safety and convenience are becoming important considerations for people to buy smart door locks. The 3D face-painted door lock brought by Aobi Zhongguang at the CES debuted on the international stage for the first time. It uses a completely self-developed 3D camera to create a millimeter-level 3D face model for users, and uses software and hardware to perform living Detection is not easily affected by factors such as posture and expression, and the recognition performance is more stable. 3D face brushed door locks meet users’ needs for safety and ease of use, and are currently becoming a new trend in the development of the smart door lock industry.

的 The advent of the Internet of Things era is accelerating the popularity of smart homes, and smart door locks have become an indispensable and important part of the smart home ecosystem. More and more companies have begun to enter the 3D face-painting door lock market, but in the final analysis, related products are still competing for core hard power. In the past, perhaps foreign companies have taken the upper hand in 3D-related technologies. The rise of a new group of Chinese companies, such as Aobi Zhongguang, has clearly occupied the highlands of 3D technology and the depression of smart home applications.

Now, a new wave of 3D sensing technology is coming. From two-dimensional to three-dimensional upgrades, 3D sensing enables more scene applications, bringing new retail, mobile terminals, robots, intelligent security, intelligent transportation and other fields of 3D sensing commercial landing products. At this CES exhibition, Aobi Zhongguang brought solutions in multiple fields: robot 3D vision system, AR industrial training platform, elderly fall monitoring solution, mobile phone 3D camera solution, self-service login system solution, passenger flow statistics solution Wait for the stunning audience. Chinese 3D sensing companies are showing new AI technology business cards to the world, leading the industry’s future development direction.