Borderless TV, 14nm CPU … CES 2020 is all here

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As the best place to watch the latest and greatest new technology products and concepts in the new year, CES 2020 will bring us different surprises again. Although CES has not officially started yet, we have heard that some products will make their debut at the exhibition, which is likely to be the biggest highlight of the exhibition.

Borderless TV – Samsung borderless TV

Borderless TV

Samsung is likely to show a breakthrough new TV at CES next week: a totally borderless 8K qled model.

It is said that it is a Samsung “zero frame” TV with models of q900t and q950t. The frame of the TV is so small that when viewed from a distance, the screen edge will disappear. We may learn more next week when CES launches in full swing and Samsung announces the annual TV lineup update.

Borderless TV – LG’s first “8K Ultra HD” TV

Borderless TV

LG has confirmed that it will display a series of 8K TVs at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show, the first to receive 8K Ultra HD certification, according to the CTA. This led LG to put up the first batch of “real 8K TV” trademarks for them, seizing the 8K TV that Samsung, the competitor, does not currently have certification.

Borderless TV – LG 4K surface electric competition display

Borderless TV

More and more consumers like electronic competitive games, which also promotes the upgrading of the hardware of electronic competitive games. LG has launched a new set of displays for gamers, which will be displayed at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show, including a 38 inch curved 4K display with IPS panel, with a response time of only 1ms. With a 144 Hz refresh rate and NVIDIA g-sync compatibility, we are eager to see how other displays at the show compete with the product.

In terms of mobile phones, foldable, 5g and megapixel cameras will be the highlight in 2020, and the first batch of mobile phones will be launched in CES 2020 this year.

Borderless TV – Samsung S10 lite and note 10 Lite

Borderless TV

Samsung also plans to release new products on CES 2020, with the main characters expected to be S10 lite and note 10 Lite. According to current news, S10 Lite (sm-g770f) is equipped with 855 chip, 6.7-inch central punch screen, 48 million + 5 million deep sense + 12 million wide-angle three shot, 32 million front self shot lens, 8 + 128GB, 8 + 256gb storage options, 4500mAh battery (45W fast charge), and Android 10 pre installed.

Note 10 Lite is equipped with exynos 9810 chip, fingerprint under the screen, central punch screen, 3.5mm headphone hole and s pen stylus.

Samsung is said to have launched note 10 lite and S10 Lite to compete with the iPhone’s XR / 11.

Borderless TV – OnePlus Mobile Concept One

Oneplus said it would launch a new mysterious device in its own activities during CES, which it called “oneplus concept one”. Over the next year, we’re guessing if oneplus will enter the fold out cell phone ring.

In addition, oneplus may release another rumor that the real wireless headset will compete with airpods, so we may see more oneplus at the show than ever before.

Amd ryzen 4000 APU / RX 5600 graphics card

Borderless TV

Amd announced a CES 2020 press conference on Monday, January 6. The high performance keynote will be delivered by Dr. Lisa Su, chief executive officer of AMD. AMD is expected to break the limit again, making 2020 an incredible year for high-performance computing.

As for the new products to be launched by AMD, ryzen 4000 series APU products have the greatest opportunity. There are also seed candidates such as rx5600 series video card, ryzen threadripper 3990x / 3980x, etc. the unexpected joy may include Zen 3 Preview, Navi GPU support ray tracing details, etc.

Intel 14nm processor

Borderless TV

Intel just announced the 2020 CES event. Gregory Bryant, CEO, general manager of client department, and Navin Shenoy, general manager of data center will jointly attend.

What important products Intel will bring to CES will not be officially announced, but 10nm and 14nm processors will be one of the highlights.

This time, it is possible to officially release the 14nm comet Lake processor, that is, the 10th generation core desktop. The slot is upgraded to lga1200, which is not compatible with the current lga1151. The processor comprehensively adds HT hyper threads, up to 10 cores and 20 threads.

As the architecture and process remain unchanged, the performance improvement is mainly due to hyper threading. There is still a 10-20% increase, but there is a lack of innovation. Coupled with forced slot change, it is estimated that the market reaction will be relatively large. To the data center processor, although there will be another generation of 14 nm Cooper Lake SP after the current cascade Lake SP, Intel may officially announce the ice lake SP processor with a 10 nm process, which will boost the popularity of 10 nm.

Borderless TV- Nvidia Shield TV

Borderless TV

CES 2020 is not only used to launch new hardware: manufacturers also use it to showcase their latest innovations. As far as NVIDIA is concerned, there is no doubt that this will include a demonstration of the shiny new NVIDIA shield TV and NVIDIA shield TV Pro that will be unveiled in October, but there are also some new components introduced, such as graphics cards.

Sony wh-1000xm4 earphone
In addition, the new Sony wh-1000xm4 earphone will be launched soon, which is a successful follow-up to the wh-1000xm3 noise reduction tank released in October 2018. The time may be ripe for January 2020.

Apple’s first CES
Apple will participate in CES 2020, the first time in 28 years. However, it will not announce new hardware. Instead, Apple’s senior privacy director, Jane Horvath, will discuss her position on consumer privacy with Facebook executives and FTC commissioners at the “Chief Privacy Officer Roundtable.”.