CES 2020 Futurus Demonstrate New Mixed Reality Panoramic Display Technology

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CES 2020 has officially opened recently. Futurus has demonstrated a new hybrid reality panoramic display technology and won the “2020 CES innovation awards”.

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According to the introduction, the panoramic hybrid reality display turns the whole windscreen into a huge transparent display, and displays a huge image integrated with the real world outside the car in front of the car through the windscreen, presenting a new world combining the virtual and the real to the user.

According to the official statement, the product is suitable for windscreens of different models, shapes and angles. It also has high-definition full-color display screen with almost no distortion, and claims to be far superior to the existing similar products on the market in terms of various performances. In addition, the product can integrate many sensors including lidar sensor, millimeter wave radar sensor and camera to display ADAS function transparently and improve vehicle traffic safety.

The panoramic hybrid reality display can also project independent and undisturbed images for the driver’s and passenger’s positions from different perspectives. For example, in the process of driving, the driver can see the information related to driving safety and navigation from the perspective of the driver, while the copilot can use this transparent display for entertainment and leisure, such as watching movies, playing games, etc.

At the same time, Futurus also displays a compact HUD, which can display simple vehicle instrument information, necessary navigation information, vehicle fault alarm information and ADAS information. It is a virtual instrument that displays information with windshield as the medium. It is reported that this is a compact HUD with smaller volume, 1-2l installation volume and less space, which is customized and developed by Futurus in order to meet the requirements of vehicle enterprises for HUD installation volume as well as the limitation of interior space.

Xu Junfeng, founder and CEO of Futurus, said: “Futurus hopes to give full play to the company’s technology accumulation and ecological technology advantages in optical engineering, optical super materials, ultra precision manufacturing and other scientific fields, so as to give full play to the development of global auto driving technology. “

According to the data, Futurus is a company with mixed reality panoramic display technology. It has made patent layout in North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India, China and other countries and regions, and has carried out in-depth cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign host plants.

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