CES 2020: Seagate Show: 18tb HAMR And 14tb Dual Reading And Writing Arm Hard Disk

News & Information

At this CES 2020, Seagate introduces the modular mobile storage system, LYVE, which is used for scenes that need to collect a large amount of data on site and then transfer the location for centralized management, such as video, music recording, film shooting, automatic driving data analysis, etc.

The modular system is composed of a large number of storage, including CF card, 6-disk mobile hard disk, 4-disk 3.5-inch hard disk, providing U.2 interface, card reader, lightning 3 interface, etc.

When Seagate demonstrates the LYVE system, it uses both 18tb exos HAMR hard disk and 14tb exos 2×14 hard disk with dual read-write arms.

The 14tb exos 2×14 is based on the mach. 2 dual arm read-write technology, with access speed of 480MB / s, twice that of the common 3.5-inch hard disk, and also comparable to the ordinary sata3 SSD. HAMR is a new generation of high density disk technology developed by Seagate.

It seems that a new generation of mechanical hard disk based on HAMR and Mach.2 technology is basically ready, at least on high-end commercial platforms, and they will be available soon.