CES 2020 Takes Less Than A Week To Show You What’s Going On This Year

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At this time of the year, there is a major event in the technology industry. The world’s largest international consumer electronics exhibition CES is held in early January of each year. As the first international science and technology exhibition in the new year, the annual CES is that year The first show of the latest technology products can also be seen from the development direction of technology products in the coming year.

This year’s CES 2020 will be held from January 7 to January 10 in Las Vegas, the United States, less than a week before CES is launched. Major manufacturers have begun to rub their hands and prepare to display their most advanced and attractive products. Tokyo will hold the Olympic Games in 2020, which will provide the 8K event broadcast signal. It is expected that more 8K TVs will be officially launched in 2020, so today I’d like to introduce to you what TV related information CES this year has to pay attention to.

CES 2020 fails to reach LG to win innovation award again
In addition to the display of new products and new technologies, CES has many awards to award for innovative technologies or products in that year, but CES has not been ahead of the awards. According to reports, the 8K OLED TV “LG signature OLED 8K” launched by LG Electronics has won the ces2020 Innovation Award.

LG has won the Innovation Award for two consecutive years. In fact, at the ces2019 exhibition, LG Electronics launched the 8K OLED TV in the world. With its debut, there was an amazing OLED TV LG signature OLED TV R, the world’s first curlable OLED TV. The TV screen can be folded into the base through the back bracket. Previously, it was reported that LG Electronics Applied for a series of design patents in the USPTO as early as the end of 2017. At present, it is worth noting that a TV circular curved edge screen design is implemented on the TV similar to the current popular mobile waterfall screen effect. I wonder if LG will follow the trend to launch a new scroll OLED TV on the ces2020?

Although these two high-end TV products have been shown before, it’s a pity that these two products have not been sold globally in 2019. With the arrival of the 8K boom and the opportunity for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to provide 8K competition broadcast stream, it’s unknown whether the two winners can meet us in the domestic market in 2020.

2019 is the first year of 8K, 2020 is the year of popularization?
Now open the video website or buy the blue light UHD, it’s basically 4K resolution, but it can’t be denied that 8K has gradually entered our life. Every Olympic Games is not only a sports event, but also a TV event. Remember how many TVs in your own or in your family are upgraded to 1080p Full HD by taking advantage of the 2008 Olympic Games. The Tokyo Olympic Games will bring a new wave of TV buying and upgrading, and 8K TV will gradually enter the list of consumers with this trend.

In addition to the aforementioned LG will launch its 8K OLED TV in more markets, Samsung is also expected to catch up with the 8K popularization express. At the beginning of this year, Samsung launched the quantum dot 8K TV in the Chinese market, and this CES 2020 is also expected to see Samsung’s latest quantum dot 8K TV product, which is expected to be from 65 inches to 98 inches. Samsung is ready for mature 8K TV All product lines are purchased by consumers. Last year, Sony’s CES show muscle launched the 8K TV painting z9g series, and what the z9g iteration product will be, it is also worth looking forward to.

The name “BOE” is often heard by friends who are concerned about the mobile phone market or TV market in the past year. BOE and Rohini company in the United States set up a joint venture, BOE pixel, which is expected to work together to develop micro LED technology. The BOE pixel will also display LCD backlight, direct imaging display screen and display related sensors for TV, video wall and other large-scale terminal products on CES 2020. We can pay attention to the micro LED display technology they display on CES 2020.

Huawei and the glorious smart screen once again triggered the discussion of smart TV, and also attracted the attention of consumers for mobile phone manufacturers entering the TV industry, including the TV products already released in the Indian market. Currently, invitations have been sent to some people, and special events will be held during CES 2020. In addition to the concept cell phones already announced, TV is expected to be released to the U.S. market.

There is no doubt that there are many highlights in CES 2020, and the TV category is also full of highlights. The new 8K TV products will usher in a big explosion, and this big exhibition will also be the pre IPO display of 8K TV.