CES2020: Razer Shows Split Game Controller And 5g Routers

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On the first day of CES 2020, Razer also showed some interesting new products. The first is the Kishi mobile game controller, which is similar to last year’s junglecat controller and adopts a split design. Users can attach it to both sides of the phone, similar to joy con on the Nintendo switch console. In addition, the Kishi handle improves versatility and can be used on most smartphones.

Android / iPhone smartphone users can connect with Kishi handle through usb-c or lighting interface. It is worth mentioning that the new product also supports low delay input and direct charging port, which is convenient for users to charge while playing games.

In addition, Kishi handle is recommended by the geforce now project of NVIDIA, so that players can enjoy cloud games on mobile devices. Since Razer doesn’t mention Bluetooth connection, Kishi can’t be used alone without mobile phone.

Kishi split mobile game controller is expected to arrive in the first half of 2020, and the price has not been announced yet.

Sila 5g is a round barrel home router with 5g high speed and ultra-low latency. Thanks to Razer’s FastTrack technology, it has a special optimization for games (especially cloud games).
The router also provides a game mode that allows priority to be assigned to specific devices to ensure that the game experience is not disturbed. At present, the Sila 5g router is still in the conceptual stage, and the time to market is not known.

If you’re more focused on the traditional PC experience, consider Razer’s new Tomahawk quasi system. It uses the Intel NUC 9 extreme compute element and can select up to nine generations of core i9-h series processors.
The processor does not lock the frequency, which can better meet the overclocking requirements of the players. It supports up to 64GB of memory, supplemented by two m.2 SSD storage slots.
In terms of single display, its highest geforce RTX 2020 super (with vertical mounting position + side transparent baffle plate). Users can upgrade ram, SSD, GPU and even the whole NUC as required.
It will be available in the first half of 2020, and Razer intends to sell the compact case (Tomahawk N1) to DIY players alone.

Finally, Razer said it would launch a new blade game notebook with Intel’s 10 generation core H series processor later this year, with a screen refresh rate of 300 Hz.