CES2020: Samsung Smart Home Appliances Launches More “New Species”

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The 53rd US International Consumer Electronics Show CES 2020 has come to an end. There are always so many products on the show that people will never forget. In addition to being novel and fun, they also conquered a lot of exhibiting consumers with their extremely changeable appearance. At the end of CES, I will give you an inventory of the most design-oriented home appliances at CES!

Samsung Airdresser clothing care machine-Founder is soft and low-key simple

If you visit the Samsung booth at CES and look at this rectangular device, you must have doubts in your heart: Is this a dressing mirror? Or a small wardrobe? … the answer is not yes, in fact, this is a clothes care machine called Airdresser, which can help you quickly and easily complete all kinds of clothes cleaning at home, AirDresser is equipped with a powerful air and steam spray function, which can remove Dust, odor, and bacteria make clothes fresh.

It adopts a flat and minimalist design, and its low-key and simple appearance can be integrated into various home styles. In addition, when consumers push the door to close the closet, the Soft Closing Door will automatically ensure that the door closes slowly in the last few centimeters through folding, which is silent and protects the machine. At the same time, the design of the crystal mirror also adds a bit of luxury to the overall appearance.

Samsung QDrive washing machine-streamlined design

Quick Drive Samsung Zhimu multi-dimensional dual-drive washing machine also appeared at CES this year. In addition to the black technology such as hybrid speed net, its appearance design is also extremely classic. Many consumers have feedback: “I ca n’t say what is beautiful, just look Very comfortable. “

Different from the founders of other manufacturers’ washing machines, the appearance of the Quick Drive Samsung Zhimu multidimensional dual-drive washing machine adopts a streamlined design, and the body is as smooth and smooth as flowing water. At the same time, the body is inlaid with metallic knobs, which can reflect the delicate metallic luster. In addition, the extremely striking “cabin door” of the Quick Drive Samsung Smart Multi-Dimensional Dual-Drive Washing Machine uses a large blue crystal window designed with a double injection molding process, which exudes a charming crystal luster as a whole, giving a smart color to the whole home. . Whether it is placed in the bathroom, kitchen, or living room, it can be perfectly integrated with the overall home decoration design.

Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator-free splicing, changing colors

If you choose a refrigerator that is memorable during CES, it must be Samsung ’s BESPOKE series refrigerator. “Far away is a closet, and close-up is a refrigerator.” It shows the mystery of its design. The biggest feature of the BESPOKE series refrigerators is to provide rich appearance colors and different combinations and configurations, which can be customized by consumers according to their needs.

At the same time, the BESPOKE refrigerator has the appearance of embedded appliances, which can be subtly integrated into the surrounding environment, creating a harmonious and clean home space. The emergence of the BESPOKE series refrigerators allows us to understand that in the future life, the refrigerator becomes a flexible variable of the space style. It can adapt to and integrate the style of the home space. It can also change and create a home style through different color combinations.

With its high-looking appearance, the BESPOKE series refrigerators are popular at CES. In fact, this refrigerator has also appeared on the CCTV-2 financial channel. As early as 2019, China also harvested a large number of “yan powder” in advance.

So what do these highly designed Samsung products at CES have to do with you in China? Samsung Qdrive washing machines are currently available in China, and you can purchase them at Samsung offline stores. It is reported that Samsung BESPOKE series refrigerators and Airdresser clothing care machines will meet Chinese consumers in the first half of 2020. Let us continue to pay attention to the news of Samsung and wait for good news.