For Smart Oven, LG Finally Teamed Up With Tovala

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How should the smart home be played? Various manufacturers have gradually found their own pace in the two years of polishing, but some appliances seem to be inherently not suitable for intelligent, for example, you need to stuff food inside to cook. After all, the electric oven has no difference between manually adjusting the temperature and time knobs and operating on the APP after the ingredients are ready. Intelligentization does not seem to make the electric oven easier to use, but LG does not think so.

LG recently found a company called Tovala to cooperate so that its electric oven can recognize the ingredients in the box, and directly adjust the baking temperature and baking time to help cooking Newbie complete a perfect baking in an instant. task. At the same time, the LG Smart Electric Oven can also help users complete preparations before baking, such as marinating ingredients and dough processing, through a voice assistant.

In fact, Tovala is a start-up company specializing in smart electric oven products. At first glance, it seems to be no different from other smart electric oven companies living in Silicon Valley, but the advantage of Tovala is that they also have supporting catering services and ingredients. Supply, in addition to Tovala, you can buy not only a smart electric oven, but also processed ingredients and frozen foods. Users only need to throw them into the Tovala oven, and the oven can directly identify and automatically Start baking.

It is based on such a function that LG will choose to cooperate with Tovala. After all, LG is only good in the field of home appliance technology. For food processing channels, it is good to come directly. However, it is not difficult to see through such cooperation that LG’s smart home Internet of Things is becoming more and more open, especially in the field of kitchen appliances. They are also constantly attracting partners such as Drop, Sidechef and Innit to join It seems that cooking little whites finally have the opportunity to turn around by smart kitchen appliances.