Ps5,VR,8K TV x8000h, Sony Is Going To Enlarge On CES Again

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Every year, the CES exhibition is the vane for the development of TV industry products and technologies. Traditional manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, and LG will come up with their products and the latest technology. This year, Sony seems to have to release not only the latest OLED and 8K TVs, but also PS5? It seems Sony is going to zoom in at CES.

sony x8000h

Sony wrote on the teaser page on the official website “The future is coming”. And attach comments “At CES Sony is unveiling a unique vision of the future,bringing creativity and techology together like never before,to unleash new sensations and emotions.”

sony x8000h

Obviously, in addition to bringing the latest flagship TV at CES as usual, Sony will also release or show more amazing products. I suspect that this may be the PlayStation 5 (hereafter referred to as PS5) that everyone is most looking forward to. . Six years have passed since the previous generation of the next-generation console PS4 was released. During this period, news about the upcoming release of the PS5 has been continuously heard, but all failed.

sony x8000h

As a big competitor of Sony, Microsoft has announced a whole new generation of game consoles, the Xbox Series X, a few weeks ago and it will be available around Christmas 2020. If Sony doesn’t want to be taken away by Microsoft, the best time to release the PS5 is probably this CES.
In addition, there are rumors that Sony will host a theme event around PlayStation in mid-February, so this is even more convincing that Sony will release a new generation of game console PS5 at CES, and will be in mid-February event Let’s show it in detail.

Facing the powerful new energy configuration of the next-generation Xbox (basic 4K 60Hz, up to 120Hz and 8K resolutions, support for light chase, variable refresh rate, variable frame rendering, automatic low latency, dynamic input delay, and pre-installed next-generation SSD ), PS5 performance should also be very strong.

At present, it is certain that the PS5 will use an eight-core CPU based on AMD ’s third-generation Ryzen series, a custom GPU based on the latest 7nm Zen 2 process and AMD Radeon Navi hardware, that will support optical pursuit technology and support 8K resolution output , It is really horrible performance, 120Hz will also support.

sony x8000h

In addition to working hard on the display, the PS5 also uses 3D audio in terms of audio. Whether consumers use the speakers or wear headphones to play games, they can experience the experience. In terms of memory, SSDs are used instead of hard disks, which will speed up game loading times and change gameplay. In addition, in order to take into account the consumer experience, PS5 will be backward compatible with all PS4 games, making cross-generation compatibility easier.

It can be seen that Sony is very friendly to old or new users this time, and my current idea is only GKD.

sony x8000h

“a unique vision of the futrue”, It seems to imply that Sony will not only bring PS5, but also show off PS VR 2.
According to the current news, the perspective of the PS VR 2 will be increased from 100 degrees to 120 degrees, and the resolution will be upgraded to 2K. But perhaps the most anticipated of PS VR 2 is that it will have wireless capabilities and eye tracking technology.

sony x8000h

Although Sony’s new patent picture shows PS VR and PS4 before, this technology is more likely to be implemented on PS VR2 and PS5. In other words, players may have a more realistic and convenient gaming experience on PS VR2.

21 new TV products, OLED + 8K dual line attack Of course, according to the current accurate news, the main feature of this year is still TV products. After all, as the “TV picture quality spokesperson”, Sony will release 21 new TV products in one breath, and continue to follow the OLED / LCD dual flagship strategy.

As can be seen from the chart, the new TV codename has been upgraded from last year’s G series to this year’s H series, from X8000H (codes that should be used in China such as X8000G) to Z8H, covering entry-level to 8K flagships.

sony x8000h

Let’s talk about the 8K flagship first. In last year’s CES, the 8K TV z9g released by Sony is only 85 inches and 98 inches in size, with a starting price of 120000 yuan. Samsung, the old rival, has a full coverage from 65 inches to 98 inches, with a relatively low starting price. In the competition between the two, Sony is undoubtedly defeated, which undoubtedly gives Sony a “wake-up call”.
Maybe the 8K TV launched last year is more significant than the market effect. It is not clear whether it will launch a larger size version, but the 75 / 85 inch TV is more in line with the size demand of the mainstream market. From the point of view of the significance of 8K TV, there is a difference between the 65 inch 8K and 4K effect, but it is not too big. It is more realistic on the 75 inch, so Sony may be going to launch the 8K TV market.

sony x8000h

But in addition to the improvement of the image quality, there are not many highlights, especially in the audio aspect. For example, the subwoofer used on the A1 / a9f bracket has shrunk, and it is not equipped on the a8g / a9g. So for the upcoming a8h / a9h, I hope that in addition to using the latest generation of image quality processing chips, I also hope to bring more different features, such as support for 120Hz and VRR dynamic frame rate, so as to better bring better game experience with ps5.

sony x8000h

In terms of 4K TV, last year’s x9500g first used screen sound generation technology, X1 chip flagship version, etc. this year’s x9500h should also continue this practice. It may become the king of 4K TV’s cost performance this year.
It seems that Sony will make a lot of moves this year. The next generation host war caused by ps5 and Xbox services x is inevitable. In terms of TV, Sony will come up with amazing products and continue to consolidate its “image quality throne”. We will see everything.

The CES2020 will be held in Las Vegas from January 7 to January 10.

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