Samsung Galaxy Home Smart Speaker Exposure, FCC Certification

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved a new “AI Smart Speaker” device license submitted by Samsung. In August 2018, Samsung launched its high-end smart speaker Galaxy Home for the first time at the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone launch event, and these devices were exhibited in large numbers at the Samsung Developer Conference in November 2018.

At the same time, Samsung ’s co-CEO DJ Koh said in February that it will go on sale in April 2019. However, now that it is late May, we still haven’t seen the Galaxy Home smart speaker. However, according to CNET news, Samsung stated that the device will be launched in “the first half of 2019” after a rebounce in April. With less than 50 days to go before the end of the first half of the year, will Galaxy Home bounce again?

According to Voicebot’s 2019 Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report, smart speakers have become widespread in many regional markets around the world. In 2018, US adult smart speaker users increased by nearly 40% to 66 million. Smart speakers have become a very critical voice assistant entry point for the home. In addition to smartphones, Samsung is also eager to compete for more Bixby assistant users.

Smart speakers are also becoming a central hub for smart homes and media control, which is critical for Samsung’s SmartThings and TV product lines. However, Galaxy Home is expected to be positioned as a high-end smart speaker, which may cost more than $ 200.

At present, smart speakers with more than $ 200 account for no more than 10% of existing smart speaker user groups. Samsung hopes to increase market penetration, and lower-priced products can help Samsung gain better market share.

According to the pictures released by the FCC, Samsung’s new smart speaker should be the Mini Galaxy Home. Samsung may want to get the market quickly with the product at a lower price.

Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker

SamMobile reported in December last year that Samsung might launch a smaller version of the Galaxy Home. At that time, the reason for the speculation was that the product number was SM-V310, and there would be a black version. The Galaxy Home smart speaker product number is SM-V510. Therefore, the media speculated at the time that it would become the Mini version in the same product line as the Galaxy Home, which seemed to be in line with the latest FCC documents.

The current timing also shows that this Mini version of the smart speaker may be launched separately next month or at the same time as the Galaxy Home next month.

At present, the largest sellers of smart speakers are Amazon and Google, which together occupy 85% of the US market share. Important contributors to the success of this market are the entry-level Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini smart speakers, both of which cost less than $ 50.

Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker

Apple, which sells for $ 299 HomePod, is still far behind Google and Amazon in acquiring smart speaker users. Although the Galaxy Home device seems to be ready to compete directly with the HomePod in the high-end market, it still makes sense for Samsung to provide entry-level products. Low-cost products can easily lead users to try and complement the advanced smart speakers in the entire home.