Smart Toilet Can Also Do Health Monitoring

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Jihe Tec, a startup in the field of continuous health data, completed its Series A financing in early November 2018.
Geometry Technology was established in December 2015. It is a family health management service platform. It uses Internet big data technology and analyzes health data to provide users with home health monitoring, real-time monitoring of health indicators, auxiliary chronic disease monitoring and treatment, and health management. And other services.

Currently, Jihe Tec has completed the research and development of the first product, the fully automatic intelligent health monitoring toilet, which is now in the commercial trial stage. The toilet is based on a detection device developed by Geometry Technology and a high-throughput biochip, which is compatible with three major types of detection technologies, and the detection range covers multiple indicators.

Smart toilet can also do health monitoring

Health detection smart toilet

In reality, the use of smart toilets is already quite common in households in Japan and South Korea, and in many countries, the relevant market has just begun.

Most of the smart toilets currently on the market have functions such as hip cleaning, seat insulation, warm air drying, automatic deodorization, and silent seating. In addition to the above basic functions, this smart toilet of Geotech also has a health detection function. According to reports, when using this smart toilet, users can obtain continuous health data from individuals through a full-automatic urine detection function; these data are jointly analyzed by the background artificial intelligence system and the medical team to provide users with dynamic health through APP Evaluation and action recommendations; so users can keep abreast of their physical condition.

Health detection function can be used by family members of more than 5 people. Features fingerprints to automatically identify individual users. Each user will have their own daily health data. At the same time, the toilet is also compatible with multiple types of chips, which can automatically match and switch users, forming the entrance to home health monitoring.

Geometric Health said in an interview with other media that the reason why the toilet was chosen as the cut-in is because urine is rich in detectable substances and indicators, which helps non-invasively obtain the depth of human health information. At the same time, the toilet is a must for modern families Spare supplies can help reduce the complexity of urine collection and improve user compliance to achieve long-term, continuous health monitoring.

Using an intelligent health monitoring toilet, diseases can be detected at an early stage. At present, many physical illnesses have missed the best treatment period when they are visiting the hospital. This phenomenon will improve when continuous, in-depth health data is monitored.

In 2015, Japan’s TOTO company showed a smart toilet named Flowsky. It is said to be able to act as a doctor, measuring the flow rate of urine when people go to the toilet to judge the health of the human body. In recent years, Panasonic has also launched a smart toilet with health data detection capabilities. Xiaopu, a domestic brand, has also begun to enter the field. With the maturity and practical implementation of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, smart homes are gradually becoming popular, and this field will receive more and more attention.