Super Bowl 2020 Time

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The Super Bowl will be held on February 2, 2020 U.S. time. This is the 54th Super Bowl. The competition will be staged in Miami Gardens, Florida, USA. In previous years, the advertising space of the “Super Bowl” competition has always enjoyed high ratings. During the critical stage of the 2020 election, Democratic candidate Bloomberg and U.S. President Trump will also seize the opportunity and spend millions of dollars in advertising campaigns. .

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be the guests of the 54th Super Bowl midfielder in 2020.

The Super Bowl is the NFL’s annual major league championship game, and the winner is called the “World Champion.” The Super Bowl is usually held on the last Sunday of January or the first Sunday of February. That day is called Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl is the name of the game, and its trophy name is Vince Lombardi Trophy. The participating teams are the U.S. Football League champion and the National Rugby Union champion for the season. The Super Bowl has been the highest-rated TV show in the United States for many years, and has gradually become an unofficial national festival in the United States. In addition, the Super Bowl Sunday is the second highest daily food consumption day in the United States, just after Thanksgiving.

Highlights this year

1. Match: 49 players vs Chiefs: “Double Red Societies”, it’s time for team vs superstar finals

The offensive team 49 people against the chiefs who are good at defense, this is another collision between the spear and the shield, the collision of flesh and flesh! It is not difficult to see from the statistics: 49 people in the regular season hit the league’s second-highest road yard count, and led the league’s 23 rushing touchdowns. The editor thinks that in this way, 49 people will blast 150 ~ 200 yards from the chief’s road without any suspense. In contrast, the Chieftain’s red-hot Henry the Great, defensive coordinator Steve Spanolo uses a tenacious “eight-man box” and top execution to limit the Titan’s road attack to only 85 yards. Is this not the world? Is the strongest defensive team?

Personally, 49 people will have the upper hand, because 49 people have three talents. They are looking forward to their performance. Everyone can pay attention. This is also supported by data. In this season, Shanahan has used 54.0% of the area cover strategy and 28.1% of the point-to-point to create the rush ball gap. Ball, the 49-man rich rush mode can make the Chiefs run away and lose sight of each other. And look at the chief, how imbalanced is the chief to run? In the 28 minutes before the regular season, the Chief ’s use of the first two gears was only 35%. This is the embodiment of a typical defensive team. Victory through defense is also a classic in the classics.

It is also worth noting that the 49 people must not “sneak” the chiefs. The key is that Andy Reid will arrange some fake faxes to run the 49-man defense and return to Miami. Tried to steal a large yardage. In addition, Mahhoms rushed for more than 50 yards in the past two playoffs. Although Mahhoms has not run fast and even looks awkward, the chief’s sharp offensive weapon will Attracting a lot of defensive attention, the advance of Mahoms’ meteor is also very threatening.

There are also players worth paying attention to: fans familiar with Garopolo will know that his game mode is to manage the game, not to determine the game with his arms. In addition to Garopolo’s ability, several of the 49 main players are connected Players Emanuel Sanders, Dibbo Samuel and Kendrick Born are not wide receivers who have been running for a long time to find open spaces. There are not many routines to create open spaces for running backs. Come on. It’s also interesting.

Let ’s take a look at Chiefs kicker Harrison Batek. He has an extremely stable kickoff experience, and his extensive experience allows him to adapt to the Super Bowl scene. In addition, Hill and Hardman are the returning players. The explosive power of a meteor will make every return of the chieftain very threatening. These are the magic weapon for the chief to win, everyone can pay attention!

2. Presidential election

US billionaire and former New York Mayor Bloomberg Campaign Office confirmed that they have secured a 60-second prime time for advertising on the Super Bowl TV broadcast in 2020. The New York Times said the cost of buying the ad could be at least $ 10 million.

Bloomberg campaign office staff confirmed on the 7th that they purchased the “Super Bowl” ads. Although they did not specify the cost of the ads, they said that they would pay the advertising costs according to the “market price”.

In 2020, “Super Bowl” broadcaster Fox had previously stated that the cost of “Super Bowl” advertisements every 30 seconds was “more than 5 million yuan.”

The Bloomberg campaign office said that the ad they launched in the Super Bowl would be a new ad that never aired.

Bloomberg campaign team spokesman Fraser said, “The biggest point is to stab Trump directly.” Part of the campaign strategy.

Data from advertising tracking company Advertising Analytics shows that Bloomberg’s campaign continues to set a record for presidential candidates’ political ad spending: Almost $ 170 million has been invested in television and digital advertising.

Since Bloomberg’s campaign, his ad has reportedly been launched in a general election “swing state” to underline his commitment to infrastructure, health care, and dysfunction, and hopes to at once weaken public opinion about Trump stand by.

The report pointed out that “Super Bowl” advertising campaigns are rare in the presidential election. Although in the past Super Bowl competitions, some people would buy a small range of advertisements, but considering the cost, buying national advertisements during the Super Bowl competition often made many candidates “unexpected.” “.

Bloomberg has repeatedly reiterated that it will use its own funds to fund the campaign, rather than raise donations.

Trump will also invest $ 10 million in airing campaign ads in the Super Bowl. Although it is unclear whether Trump’s ad will last for a full 60 seconds or be split into two 30-second videos.

The Super Bowl time is February 2, 2020 U.S. time. This is the 54th Super Bowl. The competition will be staged in Miami Gardens, Florida, USA, so stay tuned …