This Smart Toilet Can Measure Health

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Imagine that if one day you sit on the toilet at home and go to the toilet, you can also do a physical examination, which not only resolves internal urgency, but also discovers hidden health problems, but that is a great thing everyone expects. This idea, Jie Baobao has made it a reality.

People today are more aware of health risks and eager to prevent and control diseases than ever before.

At the scene, the reporter watched the use of this black technology toilet. “This is a smart toilet with big data, big health, and non-perceived health monitoring at home.” Huang Chaoyang, general manager of Xingxing Jiebao Co., Ltd. introduced that the sensor on the toilet circle can monitor the user’s heart rate and body fat, and record The user ’s toilet time and toilet frequency, the collected data can form a report and feed it back to the bound mobile phone app, thereby turning the toilet into a family health testing center that can detect early diseases, which is more suitable for families with elderly people.

What is the principle of this toilet? When you open this toilet cover, you will find that it is different from the traditional toilet. There are two stainless steel electrodes on both sides of the toilet seat. All the mysteries are on these two electrodes. “There are also two electrodes in the hand-held area. When the user is in the toilet, the two electrodes in contact with the hands and legs form a circuit, so that the body fat rate of the human body can be detected.” Huang Chaoyang introduced, in addition, the hand There is also a sensor for infrared detection. If you put your hand on it, the infrared detector will penetrate the human skin. It can detect the blood flow rate and calculate the heart rate. This is the heart rate. After the relevant data is detected, the report will be uploaded to the user’s mobile App.

“The mobile APP can be bound to N mobile phones. Children and children who are far away in the United States can see the health indicators of the old Chinese father every day if the smart toilet app at home is bound.”

Smart toilet + health, the industry is still in the conceptual state, but Bian Jiebao has been the first to launch and officially listed. “This product, we are leading domestic and foreign.” Huang Chaoyang said.

“Through body fat and heart rate detection, the toilet allows citizens to continuously monitor the physical condition of the life cycle without leaving the house, and by observing the changes in trends, timely discovering possible health risks, targeted Looking for medical help. “Huang Chaoyang said.

Next, Xingxing Jiebao Company will soon produce a large health 2.0 detection smart toilet, which can detect citizens’ blood pressure and electrocardiogram. The upcoming Big Health 3.0 smart toilet can pass urine tests to determine the results of routine urine tests in hospitals including urine protein and urine sugar. It is expected that at the end of May, the product model machine will be displayed to the public at the Shanghai Bathroom Exhibition.

By then, using this kind of toilet, diabetic patients will not have to stick their fingers to measure blood glucose, kidney patients do not often go to the hospital to test for proteinuria, as long as they go to the toilet at home, the toilet will tell you these indicators.