What Kind Of Smart Oven Do You Need In 2020?

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By the beginning of 2020, the word “smart” has also been popular for several years. We brought together the innovations of smart ovens on AWE, and also organized the recent innovations of ovens and steaming and baking machines in the world. Let ’s see what changes have taken place in the oven compared to 3 years ago. Which oven, steam-bake all-in-one intelligent innovation has surpassed your expectations, helping you to make good dishes more conveniently and change your kitchen? lifestyle?

Entering 2020, the smart innovation of the oven has come especially fast!

At the CES Consumer Electronics Show in early 2020, Whirlpool launched new smart ovens and transparent screen concept ovens. At the same time, LG and Bosch also introduced upgraded smart ovens.

At the AWE exhibition, companies such as Haier, Fangtai and 53iq respectively released their own intelligent innovations for steaming ovens. In addition, there are many interesting innovations.

AppThe so-called smart oven, the App is a must-have, and users can use it to control the oven and view recipes. Some apps will notify users when the oven is ready.

Take Napa 53iq, an intelligent enterprise for steaming and roasting, as an example. Its steaming oven intelligence, such as precise temperature control and intelligent recipes, are difficult to achieve in traditional ovens, but are very much needed by those who are baking. These intelligent features even make Those who do not cook too much and rarely use the kitchen oven also have their eyes on.

WEAWE on Napa showed a futuristic AR transparent touch-screen oven, demonstrating a new kitchen way in the near future where the kitchen operates under intelligent guidance, physical and virtual interaction. Maybe, cooking and lifestyle in the kitchen of the older generation will be gone forever.