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3D printing/ additive manufacturing is capable of producing a variety of parts and products directly from computer files and is replacing traditional manufacturing techniques. 3d printing technology has to get involved in a business like a sample molding), families like decoration design molding, as well as school professionals and students for research. if you need a 3d printer that can print with optional filaments, you must get yourself an enclosed 3d printer.

Types of 3d printer

DIY 3D Printer
Most of the DIY 3d printers are designed for beginners, defined as another form of toy, packed separately, which means that you might have to take time to install the machine steps by steps, there are lots of DIY 3d printer on the market, like dual color 3d printer, 3d in 1 3d printer, single nozzle 3d printer, etc. Lots of people are trying to experience 3d printing started from DIY 3d printer because of the low cost and easy assembly.now Creality Ender 3 3d printer can be described as the most cost-effective 3d printer for beginners.

Resin 3D Printer

What is a resin 3d printer?
it is a kind of machine using the technology of DLP(digital light processing)/SLA(stereolithography) to create high-quality 3D models from a liquid resin photopolymer, and the printing size will be smaller than other kinds of 3d printer, but with higher resolution. This kind of technology will more suitable for business of printing dental or jewelry mode,

Enclosed 3D Printer

we can also define enclosed 3d printer as an industry 3d printer, fully deliver high printing performance, as I see that the industry 3d printer will be more stable than other kinds of 3d printer. If you want to print with TPU/ABS, you must definitely get yourself a printer like this kind, though the price will be a little higher than the DIY 3d printer, there are some points of having an enclosure with a 3d printer.

# Better Improve Safety
Having a shell can increase security. FDM 3D printers may cause heat while printing for a long time, moving parts or hot parts at the same time, and having housing helps keep fingers away. This is especially important when children are present, such as in a school or home environment.

# Keep away from dust
The chassis can also significantly improve printing performance through dust, wind and heat dissipation. This can reduce the chance of printing failure and enhance the adhesion between layers for printing, thereby improving print quality and strength. This is especially true when printing high-temperature materials that benefit from printing at higher ambient temperatures.

# More filament printing possibility
Most of the 3d printer on the market can print with PLA/TPU/ABS, but sometimes the print-out results are not very well because of the heat-dissipating too quickly. An enclosed 3d printer can better prevent the bed from cooling too fast, as well as with the Bowden extruder, TPU/ABS can better be printed out. And will be more stable. Enclosed 3d printer will be more suitable for school education.

Most users may know that Creality DIY 3d printer with high precision and low cost, such as Ender 3, cr-10s, But our enclosed 3d printer also meant to provide users more printing options.

Best Enclosed 3D Printer Recommended

Here are some types of best-enclosed 3d printer with the different price range we would like to share with you.

Price Under $1100-$1200

CR-5 PRO 3D Printer | 300*225*380mm

Creality CR-5 Pro is the latest machine, unlike other industry 3d printer, design with totally different camber, bright white but neat appearance in line with public aesthetics. It is upgradable of CR-5, but the price is the same as CR-5, Nozzle temperature now can up to 250℃ and hotbed temperature up to 100℃, The enclosure chamber structure will help keep interior printing temperature for more material applications, allows you to print with 3D Printing material like PLA, PETG, and especially TPU and ABS. also, it is compatible with other brand filaments.

CR-5 PRO is an entry-level 3D printer with many beginner-friendly features, which has produced many top printers, is clearly made by people who are familiar with the common challenges of FDM printing.

Price Between $1200-$1300

CR-5S 3D Printer is equipped with two extruders, it actually is one of the customized 3d printers, this one is designed according to our customer’s requirement, and most friends love its stable printing. The functions are the same as CR-5 but can print with two different colors and will be more professional and reliable. If you need a desktop 3d printer can print with two colors and a reasonable price. CR-5 PRO will be your excellent choice.

Price Between $1700-$2000

CR-3040 is with all-metal parts and high precision injection, it’s core nozzle kit ensure that cooling in time with high precision. The import double T-type screws enable running more smoothly, as well as with the industrial PCB, different size enables more printing possibility.