53IQ Smart Oven Reviews


53iq Smart Oven‘s steaming innovations are:

-Smart solution for touch screen oven, smart solution for micro steaming and baking machine. Many domestic and foreign ovens have adopted this oven smart solution to quickly enter the steaming and baking intelligence. Commonly used are 6.8 inch and 5 inch.

-Smart recipes: in conjunction with the steam oven, it can automatically complete a series of operations to achieve the appropriate cooking recipes, which are generally used and optimized by many gourmet experts in the kitchen community;

53iq Smart Oven Reviews

Reliable voice control: The 53iq oven is equipped with offline voice control. When the user’s hands are full of oil and water in the kitchen, it looks intimate and very convenient. And unlike some voice assistants that must be connected to the Internet to use, the network often breaks when time is off, 53iq offline voice allows users to continuously voice control and call up the appropriate recipe. On AWE, many consumers are now “invoking” it and are satisfied with the accuracy. Touch screen and reliable voice control save kitchen and electric users a lot of trouble.

Cool transparent screen AR concept oven

53 This 53iq transparent screen augmented reality (AR) oven has won praise from many people in a cool way.

For example, a user asks, “Small Q oven, what does this steak look like after making a black pepper steak recipe?” So, on the big screen, it was immediately displayed in augmented reality that the raw steak would look like after it was grilled What it looks like.