BenQ 4K Laser Smart TV i960L Review


BenQ’s new 4K laser smart TV i960L is released, which has a comprehensive upgrade compared to the previous generation i950L.

First of all, the most critical upgrade is that the resolution has been increased from 1080P to 4K (2160P), which has a more delicate picture performance.

Secondly, the color gamut range is significantly improved, achieving 98% coverage of DCI-P3. DCI-P3 is a color gamut standard used in cinemas, with greater coverage than Rec.709, and can show richer green and red, closer to the real-world color performance seen by the human eye. At the same time, coupled with BenQ’s proud technology of original color correction, the color expression is very good.

In addition, in terms of hardware configuration, a higher-performance mstar838 CPU is used, with a main frequency of up to 1.7GHZ, while running memory is also not bad, reaching 3GB. At the same time, this chip also brings motion compensation to the i960L, effectively reducing the Frame rate video’s stuttering improves picture fluency.

Finally, the new UI interface has also been improved a lot. Compared with the original “retro” interface, it is more beautiful and easy to use. It has added a voice assistant function to facilitate on-demand.

A few days ago, I went to the site to evaluate this product, and I also introduced in detail the views on it and my own feelings.

BenQ laser smart TV i960L – Dimensions

The i960L comes standard with a 100-inch black grid light-resistant screen (of course, larger sizes can also be implemented). I want to say that the first choice to buy a laser TV is 100 inches and above.

From the perspective of price alone, in the size of 80 inches and below, the price of laser TV does not have much advantage. Why do you say that? The price of 80-inch laser TVs is generally around 20,000 yuan or less; the price of 85-inch LCD TVs is similar. (For example: Sony’s well-known model 85X8500G, 85-inch, 18,000; Samsung RU8000 / Samsung Q60, 82-inch, 13,000) In fact, the price advantage of laser TV only apparent from 80 inches or more. The price of a 100-inch LCD TV is as high as 80,000 yuan, and even higher-end products are as high as 500,000 yuan. Even if you have a mine at home, you have to consider it? The BenQ 100-inch laser TV only costs 34,999 yuan (with a 100-inch black grid screen), although it is not cheap, but it is obviously more valuable.

From the perspective of the screen effect, of course, it is still 100 inches more stunning. Regardless of whether it is placed in the living room or in the audio-visual room, the movie viewing experience brought by the giant screen is 80 inches incomparable. Therefore, to buy a laser TV, you have to buy a large one, 100 inches is more suitable.

BenQ laser smart TV i960L – Appearance

After talking about the size, it’s time to talk about the design. i960L is a high-end 4K laser TV with a 100-inch large screen and a price of 35,000. If you can use this large-screen TV with conditions, it can really be said to be a “big family”, and the home decoration must be luxurious, so it must be worthy of The decoration style of the tall and high, laser TV‘s picture quality, hardware configuration is not enough, it is likely that the design is the first object to consider, if the appearance does not look high enough, can not satisfy the large family, it is likely that It’s going to be rejected by one vote, so let’s take a look at the design first.

BenQ 4K Laser Smart TV i960L Review
BenQ 4K Laser Smart TV i960L Review

The main body is white in color, and the upper metal sliding door adopts metal anode technology, which has sufficient mechanical strength and super corrosion resistance, and is not prone to rust and discoloration. The silver-white spray paint uses low-reflection material, which can prevent the ambient light from being reflected by the metal sliding door to the curtain, and adopts a special process to prevent the color of the sliding door from changing color as the angle changes.

The front is made of light gray knitted fabric material. While ensuring sound quality, it also looks simple and low-key, conveying the beauty of home quality. The angular cuboid body is very stable. The design of the side inwardly inclined surface not only presents the modern architectural geometry, but also has the function of ventilating heat and avoiding dust accumulation.

BenQ laser smart TV i960L – Electric sliding door

The i960L also has a very interesting electric sliding door design, which is really interesting. The sliding door automatically pans backwards when it is turned on, exposing light, and pans forward when it is turned off, covering the imaging area, protecting the lens, and preventing dust. The electric sliding door is not just a simple front-to-back translation. The designer even considered the most elegant translation time-each machine is accurate to 9 seconds ± 0.1S, and the sliding door opens and closes silky smoothly. Opening the audiovisual feast is more ritualistic.

BenQ laser smart TV i960L – Eye protection

Laser TVs on the market are generally ultra-high-brightness light sources. If you have children at home, you will inevitably have to worry about the problem of “bright blindness” caused by children. So most laser TVs will have sensors on both sides of the lens. No exception, a total of 3 personal recognition sensors are set up, which are extremely sensitive. Once there is a moving object close to the lens, turn off the light source immediately to prevent eye injury, and the safety aspect is indeed in place. And stationary objects will not cause the screen to go out, such as decorative objects such as vases.

BenQ laser smart TV i960L – Brightness

Many people have doubts about the quality and brightness of laser TVs. In fact, the screen performance is not as bad as everyone thinks, especially after using a black grid screen or Fresnel screen. The two screens have a special optical structure to the brightness of the laser TV. There is a significant gain effect, try to shield the ambient light to prevent stray light interference, so that the laser TV can have a higher brightness performance even when viewed in the daytime.

First of all, the most critical upgrade is that the resolution has been increased from 1080P to 4K (2160P), which has a more delicate picture performance.

If it is a dedicated audio-visual room and dark environment, the quality of the laser TV’s picture performance is even better.

There are mainly two types of anti-light screens for laser TVs, one is black grid, and the other is Fresnel, both of which have advantages.

Black grid structure screen, the screen surface is a slight prismatic structure, which can absorb the ambient interference light from above, and the light projected from below can be reflected by the bevel structure to the viewer’s eyes. The advantage is that the viewing angle is relatively large. It will not have much impact. The i960L comes standard with this screen.

Fresnel structure screen, the screen is covered with tiny