Blackhead Remover Review – 15 Days Blackhead Remover Experience


I have been constantly falling out on the road of pursuing good skin. Blackheads are really a big problem on my face, especially the whiter the face, the more obvious it is, and it looks “dirty”. If you don’t squeeze in place, you will get inflammation. Going to the beauty salon to clean up is also a blackhead suction device. So this time Get Weixin Cleansing Blackhead Meter, claiming to suck clean and not hurt the skin, the 15-day evaluation begins!


The packaging is very exquisite, and it feels appropriate to give gifts, very beautiful. Not only the box of the machine, but also the blackhead removal liquid and pore shrinkage purification, which can be regarded as all-round blackhead removal, like it.

Open the inner packaging, in addition to the suction head of the machine itself, there are 3 more, a total of 4 suction heads. According to the instructions, the small round hole suction tip is used to suck small parts, it should be the nose sucking the side of the nose. The large round hole tip is used to suck the severe blackhead area, the frosted tip is used to exfoliate the skin, and the oval tip is used to suck the grease area. Like my T-zone, it can be used to suck the T-zone.

Continue to read, the machine is very mini, slap big. The texture is very smooth, the rose gold buttons are also very stylish, and the smart display has a sense of technology~

The function selection is clear at a glance. There are three gears, soft gear, regular gear, and strong gear. It is fool-proof and suitable for lazy people.

There is a USB charging port on the side. After a try, the daily Android charging cable for mobile phones can also be used, even if the cable is missing.

15 days use:
I, who regularly go to the beauty salon to make small bubbles, first go to popular science.

The main function of the blackhead meter is to clean the pores, remove blackheads, acne, and close the facial blemishes, and has a certain oil control effect. The beauty salon has now abandoned the manual mode and changed to this type of instrument. The main reason is that it is clean, does not require high operating technology, and has no secondary damage caused by manual extrusion.

After using this blackhead meter for nearly two weeks, there are fewer blackheads and a noticeable improvement, but I only used it 3 times. After all, I can’t suck blackheads often.

▲The original strawberry nose is ugly

▲Be careful with the dirty things sucked out!

My steps are
1. Clean your face with a mild amino acid facial cleanser

2. Use a hot towel to open the pores for 5 minutes

3. Take out the free blackhead derivation liquid and wet it with a cotton pad for about 10 minutes

4. Turn on the blackhead instrument and move it up and down slowly, do not stay in the same place for a long time, or it will suck red

5. Apply Dr. Chengye’s pore astringent water for 20 minutes (because you have pore contraction water, you don’t need to send it, you can also use it~)

It will be slippery after you finish it, so clean~

Let’s talk about the feeling of using the product
A total of four suction heads, three gears, very intimate.

The three gears can be adjusted according to the blackheads in different areas of the face. The soft gear I use for the large area of the pen and the mid-range for the nose wing have good suction power. The principle should be vacuum suction.

Four tips, the above also introduces which area the four tips use, but I only used three tips during the use process. According to the actual situation, the oval tip sucks the nose, the big tip sucks the nose, and the small tip Suck your chin. The tip is very comprehensive and you must like it.

The scrub tip is used to exfoliate the face, I haven’t tried it yet~

Final feeling:

Advantages: complete gears and suction heads, good suction effect, and astringent water and outlet liquid are also presented. After 15 days of use, the blackheads have been significantly improved, and the pores have not been enlarged after cleaning. The feel of this device is similar to that of a beauty salon. You can save money.

Disadvantages: The frosted tip is a bit rough, but the tip is really comprehensive, I like it!

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