Casdon R8 Steam Oven Review


In accordance with practical principles, when choosing an oven, the more popular steam ovens feel that the functions are quite suitable. Because there are many recipes for baking that are very unfriendly to novices. After all, if you have difficulty retreating on the road of baking, you can still use steamed vegetables.

Because the situation in the home is not suitable for redoing the cabinet, you can only choose a desktop oven between the built-in and the desktop. I also picked out the products that are more suitable for size and function in the steam oven products. The final choice is that this Casdon r8 can also intuitively let everyone know how the desktop steam oven performs in an experience.

Overall, the steaming oven is still very heavy. There are no buckles around it to use it. I originally wanted to pull the plastic bag out of the steaming oven. As a result, the opening of the plastic bag is below. In fact, this is not arrogance, a good user experience of a product should start from the step of opening the package.

Casdon R8 steam oven review

Fortunately, the handle of the steaming oven is very strong, while pulling the handle and dragging the lower edge shown by the arrow, it can be carried out by force. For girls, it may be a bit laborious. If you don’t consider any follow-up questions to send, you can also directly destroy the box and take it out.

The square design of the Casdon R8 oven is mostly straight and has no special highlights. The only bright embellishment is the warning sign affixed to the fuselage. However, I really like this color scheme, black and gray are very advanced.

Casdon R8 steam oven review

Ensure that the oven door and the water tank below are accidentally opened with tape seals during transportation. I like this tape very much, because there will not be any marks on the tape peeling off. I don’t know what this tape is or else you can consider buying some.

Casdon R8 steam oven review

The metal surface of the door handle is brushed, and the integrated feel is good. Shake it hard without the frame volume being very thick. Why would I look at this door handle, because in the past, the door handle would shake in other ovens for a long time.

Casdon R8 steam oven review

The water tank necessary for the steaming oven is located under the oven. It is a pull-out type. Because the volume is not calibrated, it is probably more than 1L with mineral water.

Casdon R8 steam oven review

When I checked the scale of the water tank, I found that the cover of the water tank can be opened, and I specifically asked the customer service. This is indeed the design. I think this design is very good, and it can be used to clean the water tank thoroughly for long-term use. The water tanks of other steaming ovens that have been used before are generally integrated. If there is scale in the corner for a long time, it is not easy to clean up.

The steam exhaust is designed in the upper part of the oven so that the steam can be directly emitted to the outside. There is also the problem that the steam port is at the bottom of the oven. Although the steam will pass through the entire oven panel, although it has little effect, the main part of the time will have traces of use that need to be cleaned frequently.

Casdon R8 steam oven review

The 40L internal volume of the steaming oven is sufficient for home use, and is equipped with a grill fork function. This grill fork is placed in a diagonal manner. The advantage is that the food is centered in the middle of the oven with the most even temperature. Also avoid to a certain extent that the left and right ends of the oven are not hot enough.

Casdon R8 steam oven review

There are a total of 5 layers in the interior. Of course, there are more than less. You can choose which position to put in the oven freely. Or bake 2 plates of biscuits or chicken wings at the same time to meet the needs of the family at one time. But I haven’t seen anyone fill the table oven once. Compared to the same temperature and time, it must be less colored and roasted.

Casdon R8 steam oven review

It can be seen that the oven is not on fire. There is a heating tube that is on the fire and hidden in the back of the fan. The heat was replaced by a constant temperature heating plate.

Casdon R8 steam oven review

The constant temperature heating plate is actually involved in the steaming mode. Water vapor condenses in the upper part of the oven and falls on the heating plate to form 2 heatings. It’s like going to the sauna room and watering the sauna stones to effectively evaporate the water.

Casdon R8 steam oven review

The upper heating tube is not an in-line type, but the advantage of the M-shaped arrangement compared to the in-line type is that the spatial distribution is reasonable and the temperature difference is small.

However, when I was browsing the details of the baby, I saw that the heating tube introduced in the rendering should look like a carbon fiber heating tube. But the actual picture received can be seen through the stainless steel heating tube. At this point, I don’t know if it is a problem of image rendering or a case. Although there is not much effect on the heating effect, it is not very understandable from the perspective of user experience.

Casdon R8 steam oven review

The hidden heating tube on the back of the fan is usually invisible. It can only be seen when it is preheated. The way the fan and heating tube are designed together is still very different from other brands of steam ovens on the market. This is also a point I value when choosing products. Because if there is only a fan in the oven, the so-called “hot air” actually comes from the inside of the oven, and this design allows the heat of the heating pipe to directly transfer the real hot air to the food.

Casdon R8 steam oven review
Casdon R8 steam oven review

Comes with 2 types of baking pans, one is a common flat pan. There is also a perforated baking dish. Because it is a steam oven, this type of hole can prevent water vapor from accumulating in the baking pan and affect the taste of the food. Excess water vapor flows through the hole to the heating plate below.

The double-layer insulation glass of the steam oven and the two-layer rubber pads ensure the tightness of the oven to the greatest extent without heat loss. The only thing I think the oven buckle is metal is better.

The heat dissipation space on the back of the steaming oven is still quite large, and the rear and lower protruding parts can maintain sufficient heat dissipation space with the object.

actual use:
The Casdon R8 steam oven uses full touch operation. After booting, it enters the standby interface with time display. At home, I want time to be displayed in all corners, so I prefer the oven with time display.

In standby mode, you can call up all the function pages of the steam oven by touching the four small square menu keys.

Today’s home appliances are all being intelligent. If you don’t have smart configuration, it seems like you can’t get it. This Casdon r8 steam oven has a preset recipe function that is relatively intelligent among all the regular functions.

No matter how rich and comprehensive the oven’s functions are, a basic principle is that the temperature control must be accurate so that you can use the steam oven easily. Here I used an electronic thermometer to test the temperature of the oven. This electronic is much more accurate than a mechanical thermometer with pointer in the oven

Here I set the oven to 250 degrees and the time to 20 minutes. After almost 7 minutes, you can see that the temperature is maintained at about 245 degrees. At present, I have not come into contact with an oven that is almost 100% consistent in temperature control, and the deviation of this temperature by plus or minus 5 degrees is also within the normal range of the electronic temperature control oven. Compared with electronic temperature control, the maximum temperature difference between the mechanical oven and the rotary knob of the knob is tens of degrees.

For the first time, first put all the baking pans in the oven, and bake at 250 degrees for 30 minutes to remove some grease and taste from the factory.

 Since it is a steam oven, of course, you should try the steaming function for the first time.

Tender roasted chicken drumsticks

Casdon R8 steam oven review

Of course, the steaming oven has the function of roasting in addition to steaming vegetables, making a tender roasted chicken leg. Prepare 4 pipa legs (because the baking tray is very large, if you have more family members, you can roast more) soy sauce, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, lemon, olive oil, honey.

Use toothpick to add a few times to the surface of the chicken leg. Pour in soy sauce, oyster sauce, garlic sauce and put in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Place the chopped side dishes and pickled chicken drumsticks on a baking sheet and drizzle with a little olive oil.

Put in the oven

Bake at a temperature of 200 degrees for about 40 minutes. You can adjust the time by observing. However, when using it here, I found that the glass color of the oven is too dark, so that when I light the stove lamp to observe the food, it looks very dark. Actually, it turns out that the color is just right, that is, it takes a while to adapt.

 So when you buy an oven, you must buy a lamp with a stove, because you can observe the changes in the food is also a fun to do it yourself, and you will swallow when you hear the chicken legs being grilled.

Casdon R8 steam oven review

 Unlike the open air oven, the chicken legs are smoother and tenderer. The above picture can see that the meat and bones have been separated very well, so it is more suitable for the elderly and children at home.