Daogrs G7 Steaming And Baking Machine Review


daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine  review
In order to enrich the means of cooking, I also plan to start with some kitchen utensils such as ovens, steamers, and steam ovens.

From a functional point of view, the role of the steam oven is undoubtedly greater. Considering that the cabinets in the home do not have a suitable location, only a desktop steam oven can be selected. After considering the performance and configuration issues, the daogrs brand was finally selected. G7 steam oven, what is the specific effect, let’s experience it!

daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine  review – Appearance

First take a front view. This is a dual-purpose machine that can be used alone or in the cabinet. It is suitable for different kitchens. Good!

Daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine review

The whole machine is frosted black, and the panel is mirror glass, which reflects a lot of light. It takes a lot of time to not shine on it ~
The handle is integrated with the furnace door panel, which looks full of science and technology. The curved surface of the handle is very smooth, and it is not cut at all. And this design will not say that the handle will fall off due to prolonged use.

Daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine review

The water tank is placed on the right side of the furnace cavity, and the bayonet is relatively high, so that it is not easy to leak water. According to the marked capacity, it can be seen that there is more than 1 liter, and the amount of water is still sufficient.
Although this is a desktop steaming oven, its exhaust port is not like other desktop steaming ovens. It uses the front heat dissipation method, and the heat dissipation position is at the door of the furnace.

The reason why the front heat dissipation is made is to cooperate with the use of the cabinet, otherwise the way of rear heat dissipation will hurt the cabinet. You can see that a paper towel is placed in front, and the heat-dissipating gas blows up.

Daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine review

The capacity of the steam oven is 34 liters, which is sufficient for domestic use. There are 3 accessories. The perforated steaming pan, baking pan and grill are all stainless steel and high quality. The baking pan can be used with the steaming pan. Placing the baking pan on the bottom of the steaming pan can catch excess water from the food, so that it will not stain the machine.

Daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine review

The interior of the steam oven has 4 layers. You can freely choose the position of the baking tray and the grill when cooking. In the case of certain dishes, you can put multiple layers at the same time, which shortens the cooking time. .

Daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine review

This steaming oven has three sets of heating pipes, which are distributed on the top, back, and bottom. The number of heating pipes will affect the speed and quality of baking. Generally, it is recommended to choose three types of steaming ovens with complete heating pipes.

Daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine review

The bottom heating tube here can be turned over, so that we can easily clean the bottom of the furnace cavity.

Daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine review

There is an induction switch in the upper left corner of the furnace cavity. When the door is closed, the button will be pushed down. After the system senses it, the door will be closed before starting the machine.

The back is a fan + heating tube design. When the hot air grilling process is started, in addition to the heating of the upper and lower heating tubes, the heating tubes and fans here will also rotate to heat the food in the oven cavity, so that the temperature will be more uniform. As soon as possible, it expels the fat and water of food faster.

Daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine review

The panel is very sturdy and thick, and because of the front heat dissipation, the temperature of the machine is not high when it is working. The temperature during work is deliberately measured with a thermometer, which is only 26.5 degrees, which is cool.

daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine  review – Operation

The operation panel is located on the top of the machine, which is quite convenient to operate. Seeing that there are some who put the operation panel on the bottom of the machine, they have to “bow 90 degrees” each time to operate, and it is strenuous.

Daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine review

The machine comes with time display, you can adjust the time by setting, it is more convenient, after all, cooking often depends on time, how much time is this material, how long is that material ~
All the functions in the panel have been listed, there is no need to select by pressing up, down, left and right, it is very convenient, suitable for straight people, just select the required function and press.

This is a preset function. The manufacturer has set the parameters such as the preparation time and temperature of the dish when preparing it. We put the prepared ingredients in and start cooking. Different alphanumerics represent different parameters. You can view the corresponding dishes in the manual.
What is more interesting is that this officially labeled “chef function” can connect several programs together and use this function, which I have always wanted to have. Before making the package, I had to think about when to spray water, which is too troublesome, and with this program, it is possible to directly set the baking + steam + baking function, so that there is no need to manually spray water by yourself. Isn’t it smart?

daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine  review – Cooking articles

Daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine review
Daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine review
Daogrs G7 Steaming and Baking Machine review

To sum up

From the use of several dishes, it is generally quite satisfactory and the functions are very complete. I am a performance-oriented person. If I say that the performance of the machine is sacrificed for the price, I think it is worth the loss. Fortunately, The daogrs G7 can meet all my needs and it is really good.