DIB Smart Toilet Cover Review


Before the evaluation, I had a little understanding of the brand of Korean DIB. After understanding, I found that this brand is still very good;
Specialty: Korean DIB is a brand established in 1985. It has 35 years of experience in the field of smart toilet lids. Their products are imported from the whole machine, the laxative technology is medically laxative certified, and the nozzle is also qualified for medical device production, so it is more secure to use.
Cost-effective: Compared with Japanese and domestic smart toilet covers at the same price, Korean DIB has more functions.
Everything is good: I read the reviews of flagship store users and got a good review.

Installation and appearance

I contacted DIB’s customer service the afternoon of the day I received it, and the installer came home the following afternoon, being polite, professional, and enthusiastic. Installed soon, and tested all features for normal use before leaving, without any additional costs.

My first feeling after installation is simplicity! advanced! It goes well with my neat Nordic bathroom. It perfectly matches the original toilet in my house.

DIB Smart toilet cover review

The seat ring looks very smooth and has a certain arc, which should be more comfortable to fit the human body.

DIB Smart toilet cover review

Seen from the side, the toilet seat surrounds the entire seat, and the seat is more secure.

DIB Smart toilet cover review

I want to praise the beauty of a toilet cover?

Rich functions

After it was installed, I waited for the arrival of the uncle, and omitted 10,000 words here.

1.  Four gear seat temperature

Although it was summer, I couldn’t help but experience it. Surely there is no feeling of “giving charcoal in the snow” in winter, but the warm and comfortable seat temperature reminds me of a happy toilet life this winter. I do n’t have to take a breath before I go to the toilet and sit down with my eyes closed.

DIB Smart toilet cover review

There are four gears to choose from, which can meet the needs of different groups of people. Generally, women’s demand for seat temperature is higher than that of men, which is more humane. There is no need to worry about burns even if you turn on the highest gear in the cold winter, it is equipped with a temperature limit protection program. When the weather is hot, turn off the seat temperature to return to normal temperature.

2. Simple operation

The controller is on the right-hand side, and several common cleaning functions are set to large buttons and moved forward; such as seat temperature, water pressure, and nozzle position that are not required to be changed, set to small buttons and moved backward; and Some keys with a frequency between the two are set in the middle of the controller.

DIB Smart toilet cover review

All button text and icons are very clear and concise, even the elderly and children can easily learn. Be sure to teach them, very simple, sit down-clean-stop, these two groups of people at most press the move button according to their personal circumstances, and learned to improve the happiness index of the whole family ~

DIB Smart toilet cover review

3. It is hot without water tank

Many smart toilet lids on the market are tank-type heat storage. Although I have never used it, I have used an electric water heater with the same principle! Either waste water, or cold first and then hot, let you enjoy the acidity. The Korean DIB smart toilet cover is a tankless hot technology, which instantly and instantly heats when seated. The hot water is sprayed out, and the five-speed water temperature can be adjusted with high comfort!

4. 9 + 1 hole nozzle

A few issues I care about most:

Q1: Is jet flushing uncomfortable?

A: No, its nozzle uses a 9 + 1 hole design, and the atomized water is more gentle;

DIB Smart toilet cover review

Q2: Is it really better to rinse with water than to wipe it with paper?

A: Really, the 9 + 1 hole has a wider spray range and better cleaning. After pressing the cleaning button for 30 seconds, I was not assured. I wiped it with wet toilet paper again without any residue. No need to stock up wet toilet paper in large quantities anymore ~

If after testing, there is residue, emmmmm, it may be that you have not adjusted the angle of the nozzle. Each person sits on the seat differently. Some people prefer to move forward, while some people prefer to move backward. If the nozzle angle is fixed, the human body needs to cooperate with the nozzle. Finding the angle is not only awkward but troublesome The nozzle can be adjusted according to personal needs to ensure that the cleaning is in place and hee hee.

DIB Smart toilet cover review

Q3: Is it unhygienic for multiple people? cross-infection?

A: When I sit down, I hear the sound of running water, thinking that there is a malfunction. Later, I checked it. It turned out that the nozzle of the toilet cover was self-cleaning to ensure hygiene and prevent cross infection.
When not in use, the nozzle is retracted, and there is a protective shell on the outside, which will not be polluted.

5. Personalized additional functions

(1) Female cleaning
When menstruation comes, the most hope is that taking a bath every night can refresh you. Now every time you go to the toilet, you can use the female washing function to clean your private parts, keep it clean and fresh! Even in the non-menstrual period, cleaning the private parts after going to the toilet is of great benefit to women’s health

(2) Pressurized laxative

To be honest, I’m a little scared to see this feature, but I do have irregular bowel movements. I still have to try it. It has five levels of pressure to choose from. It is recommended to try it from the lowest level for the first time. The water flow is more powerful than in the washing mode and can be washed into the rectum. After use, the lower abdomen must be forced to completely drain the water that enters the rectum. I tried twice, and I felt that my constipation was relieved, but I do n’t recommend using it too much to avoid weakening the bowel function. So come to Japan!

(3) Children mode

Because children are small, they often sit at the front of the toilet. In adult mode, the nozzles are not cleaned. When the smart cover activates the child mode, the nozzle will not only extend forward to fit the child, but also reduce the water pressure and seat temperature. What’s safer is that in this mode, the laxative function can’t be activated to avoid harm to children. Because the baby at home is still in infancy, this feature can only introduce so much, but I believe that such a design suitable for children, children will surely sit on the toilet.

(4) Strong wind drying
This function is icing on the cake. If you are not in a hurry, you can dry it. In a hurry, wipe it with paper.

(5) Intelligent memory
This feature is simply too convenient! Because the needs of each family member are different, adjusting each time is cumbersome. When using the three functions of washing, feminine, and laxative, as long as the corresponding button is pressed for 3 seconds, the current personal use state can be memorized. Regardless of how others adjust it when using it, as long as the seat switch is OFF, it will automatically be set to the memory usage state.

6.  Thoughtful design, give you peace of mind and protect you

DIB Smart toilet cover review

I have some concerns again …

Q1: After all, chrysanthemums can pass through the human body. The tap water in the house has not been purified in the whole house. Will it affect human health instead?
A: The Korean DIB smart toilet cover is equipped with a filter element, which can filter out heavy metals, rust, water alkali, pathogenic bacteria in tap water, and wash you with drinking water to protect the health of your family.

Q2: My bathroom is too small, and the wet and dry separation is not realized, will it cause a fire!

A: Both the main board and the seat ring are tightly waterproofed, and have built-in double leakage protection and ground wire devices, ensuring the safety of water and electricity. However, I still recommend classmates like my family who do not have a wet or dry bathroom. When showering, they should still draw a shower curtain to avoid spraying water. The bathroom is usually ventilated and dry.

Q3: The cover will not “snap” when it is lowered!

A: The cover is equipped with a damper, which not only will not pinch your hands, but also will not make a noise to affect your family!

Several practical tests

1.  Seat temperature rise time test

DIB Smart toilet cover review

At normal temperature, the indicator light is off. Press it once, the indicator light will turn green, representing low temperature, it will take 30S;
Press twice, the indicator light turns yellow, representing medium temperature, it takes 30S;
Press it three times, the indicator light turns red, which means high temperature, it takes 30S.
The actual heating rate will be faster. You can feel the temperature increase every 15 seconds, but the key operation and response time are included in the test process, so if I write for 30 seconds, I feel that the seat temperature is relatively comfortable.

2. Washing temperature and strength adjustment process test

Below the seat temperature button is the water temperature button. The progressive relationship between the number of keys and the temperature is the same as the seat temperature. The more times you press the button, the higher the temperature and water pressure. The left side of the water temperature key is the water pressure gear adjustment key. After adjusting the water temperature, you can gradually increase the water temperature according to your body sensation. Personally, I feel that the second water pressure and the second water pressure are more suitable. Beyond 2 stops, the controller indicator will also change from green to orange.

3. Cleaning position adjustment time, angle test

The cleaning position can be adjusted by the two keys of the nozzle rapid movement key and the nozzle position forward and backward key. I am used to sitting forward. Pressing the cleaning button, I feel that the water column does not completely cover the part that needs to be cleaned, so I activate the function of the nozzle position button forward. At this time, I can obviously feel that the nozzle extends forward. If you feel that the positioning flush is not clean enough, you can press the move key, and the nozzle will move quickly back and forth, which is helpful to expand the cleaning range.

4. Drying wind test

The wind is sufficient, and the strongest wind temperature will not have a burning sensation. The higher the temperature, the faster the drying speed. Anxious to check with paper ~

To sum up
Having been with the Korean DIB smart toilet cover for more than a week, it has definitely changed my life not only because I do n’t have to worry about the embarrassment of disappearing toilet paper, but also fundamentally improves the family ’s toilet experience and the health of the private part. This is the most important point.

In addition, the comfortable seat temperature, massage function, and other user-friendly design made me realize that I can go to the toilet without hurrying and hurrying. If I do n’t hurry, I can even turn this into enjoyment. The Korean DIB has a particularly good design. It has a built-in seating sensor. If it finds that no human body is seated, or if you rise after adjusting the position, it will not stop the water jet immediately or immediately. I think this is special it is good!