Diving Equipment Knowledge


Diving is a relatively professional sport. A good set of equipment can not only meet our needs in underwater activities, but also escort us. The following is a brief introduction to the equipment that is usually required for diving. In addition to the three diving treasures necessary for scuba or snorkeling: mask, snorkel, fins, but also: diving suit, buoyancy control vest, respirator, instrument cluster, counterweight, and of course the usual diving equipment accessories, including : Diving computer, sun protection suit, diving flashlight, diving dagger, signal rod, spool and diving equipment bag. Nowadays, the internationally popular diving equipment manufacturers are: MARES, SCUBAPRO, AQUALUNG.

【Wet suit】

The main function of the wetsuit is to prevent the body temperature from losing too fast during diving, causing loss of temperature. Secondly, the diving suit can also protect the body from being cut by the reef, and the creatures such as aquatic jellyfish and sea anemones can harm the human body.

【Mask and snorkel】

The mask is the window through which the diver is in the water. Because water is denser than air, human eyes cannot focus directly in the water, so divers must wear masks, so that there is a cavity in front of the eyes, so that divers can watch normally in the water. Those engaged in diving activities are best to choose a mask produced by a professional diving equipment manufacturer. First of all, its material is better, and it is more comfortable to use in high (water) pressure environments. What is important is that this type of mask has extremely strict quality control during the manufacturing process to ensure safe use. Before and after diving, there will be a period of time to float or rest on the water. At this time, divers can use the snorkel to directly breathe the fresh air of nature without wasting the limited precious air in the cylinder.


Fins allow divers to swim more efficiently in the water. Although fins have a variety of materials, styles and characteristics, they all have two things in common: 1. Foot cover; Fix the fins on the diver’s feet 2. Flip fins; the fin fins connected under the toe caps can provide the diver’s propulsion in the water. The fins used for diving have a solid material, good elasticity, and sufficient propulsion to support the diver and a full set of diving equipment. The weight must be neutrally buoyant or sink in the water.

【Buoyancy Controller (BCD)】

The buoyancy controller is a device used to control buoyancy in the water. Basically, the BCD is composed of an air bag. The diver can freely control the inflation and deflation, thereby controlling the buoyancy in the water. Proper control of the buoyancy of the BCD can offset the weightlessness of the diver in the water, so that the diver can walk in the water easily.


The regulator is an important equipment to control the air supply during diving. Since the first open regulator was invented, divers can move freely without being caught in the water. The regulators currently used for recreational diving are mainly open. The so-called open regulator means that the diver inhales the high-pressure air in the scuba cylinder through the regulator, and then spit out the exhaust gas directly into the sea without recycling it. Therefore, you can see that the diver has a lot of bubbles from his mouth while breathing. pop up.

【Diving Computer】

The file cabinet can record various data of diving activities, and can directly remind the diver of important parameters such as decompression time.

【Diving Knife】

The diving knife is a very important tool and cannot be regarded as a weapon. One of the necessary equipment. It is the most effective tool to eliminate entanglement with seaweed, fishing line, rope or net. The general material of diving knives is made of stainless steel, and the higher grades are also made of titanium alloy; the handle is made of plastic or rubber, and the blade part should be double-edged with a sharp opening on one side and a serrated opening on the other side; there is a fishing line recess near the hand guard groove. It has the functions of cutting, cutting, prying, digging, knocking, pricking, digging, sawing and measuring. The sheath of the diving knife is made of rubber or plastic. There is a fixed knife buckle or sleeve on the sheath to fix the diving knife on the sheath, and two rubber straps can be tied on the back.

【Diving Gauge (SPG)】

The necessary diving instruments include pressure gauge, depth gauge, compass, and diving chronograph. Check your status in the water at any time to ensure safe diving.

【Counterweight System】

The counterweight belt is commonly known as lead belt, and its main function is to provide divers with negative buoyancy in the water. The wetsuit itself has considerable buoyancy, so the weight of the weight belt is needed to offset it, otherwise it will be difficult for divers to dive into the water.