Haier V-258jta Smart Toilet Cover Review


According to statistics from the World Toilet Organization, normal people go to the toilet 6-8 times a day on average, which is about 2500 times a year. This counts as people who spend 3 years in the toilet in their lifetime. Since you have to stay in the toilet for such a long time, the toilet at home must be well organized, so today I will bring you a Haier V-258JTA smart toilet cover.

Haier v-258jta smart toilet cover review

This Haier smart toilet cover is made of ABS material and has a simple and elegant appearance. There is a control panel on the side of the toilet cover, which has simple functions such as power supply, cleaning and drying. It is also equipped with a wireless radio frequency remote control, and the linear sensing distance is greater than 10 meters. In addition to being easy to use, this design also reduces installation requirements. This toilet lid can be used even if the space on the right side of the toilet is small.

Haier v-258jta smart toilet cover review

Haier’s toilet lid is equipped with independent dual spray heads, one for hip cleaning, and the other for women, ensuring hygiene and health. The water temperature can be adjusted in four gears between 33 and 39 degrees. Using the second-generation constant temperature technology, one second of water can ensure that the water temperature is stable and not cold or hot. The warm air drying and cushion heating are also adjustable in four levels, both of which can be adjusted by remote control.

Haier v-258jta smart toilet cover review

The toilet lid is damped and slowly lowered, and the maximum working sound is only 36 decibels, which will not disturb the rest of the family. The body’s waterproof rating is IPX5, which can also be used in the bathroom without wet and dry separation.


The main contents of the package are the toilet body, the accessories needed for installation, a filter element and a tool wrench for installation, and a remote control for operation.

The main body of the toilet is pure white, with a simple and elegant appearance. Unlike ordinary smart toilets, where the keys are set in separate areas that are raised on both sides, the keys of Haier’s smart toilet are hidden on the side and only assist. Functional control relies on an independent remote control, which actually solves the problem of insufficient space in many home bathrooms. Even if the toilet is placed by the side, installing this Haier smart toilet is not a problem.

Haier v-258jta smart toilet cover review

Although the side buttons are mini, they also cover daily basic functions, which are enough for simple operation, and the space savings are more in line with the needs of most Chinese families. There is a small black instruction screen above the cover, there are five indicator lights, which show the working conditions, it will light up when the power is turned on, and it means that the corresponding mode is working.

Haier v-258jta smart toilet cover review

The toilet seat cover and seat ring are provided with cushion pads to reduce noise during use, and also protect the body, reduce unnecessary collisions, and extend service life.

In terms of electricity, if there is a socket hole in the home, there is no need to worry. Haier smart toilets use a leakage-proof socket to improve the safety factor as much as possible. As a bathroom product, Haier smart toilets have been waterproof, but , Still have to pay attention, your socket may leak electricity!

Talking about the installation of the toilet. After removing the original toilet, insert the bolt into the fixing piece and press into the installation rubber sleeve to fix the fixing bracket. The main difficulty in installation is that the space in the bathroom is narrow. You only need to be in a hurry and slow down. .

Align the slot of the toilet with the edge of the fixing bracket, and slide it in gently until you hear a click. If you feel that the position is not suitable, you can improve it by adjusting the position of the fixed piece.

Haier v-258jta smart toilet cover review

I finally installed it and ca n’t wait to try it out. The screen is too beautiful and I wo n’t share it carefully with everyone. After all, I still want to be a beautiful girl and ca n’t share photos of me sitting on the toilet. Share a photo of my bear.

Haier v-258jta smart toilet cover review

The design of the back is streamlined, unlike ordinary toilets, and is ergonomic.

Before using, make sure the plug is plugged into the power source, then open the water inlet valve, and then turn on the power source to make sure the power source is turned on.

The design of this product is mainly a remote control, as long as the back cover is opened, it can be unscrewed with a dollar coin, and the battery can be used.
The remote control has a card holder that can be mounted on the wall for easy access. I held the remote control and pressed it a few times, but there was no response and I was puzzled.

Haier v-258jta smart toilet cover review

This is what I know. It turned out to be gravity-sensitive. Only when a person is seated, the buzzer will automatically sound to enter the working state. The seat has a heating function. The temperature can be adjusted with a remote control. The seat temperature has four levels. The adjustments are normal temperature, first gear, second gear, and third gear. The normal temperature range is unheated and can be used in summer. The first range is 33 ° C, the second range is 36 ° C, and the third range is 39 ° C. Each time you press the seat temperature key, you switch to the next gear, and you can see the specific display on the screen.

But no matter what temperature you set, it will automatically drop below 35 ° C after 10 minutes of seating, mainly to prevent low temperature burns.

Moreover, when you sit up, the deodorant function is automatically turned on, and the girls will no longer be afraid of the embarrassment of the smell, and the deodorant function will continue to work for one and a half minutes after you leave. The deodorant function can also be controlled remotely. Switch on.

Because it is gravity sensing, I had to press on the toilet ring with my hand to simulate the feeling of a person sitting on it, which is convenient for me to observe the internal working conditions. But I …

Haier v-258jta smart toilet cover review

The drying effect is also immediate. After drying, sticking a paper towel basically can not absorb water. Only the cling film has a small amount of water because of the folds. The effect is still very good and the speed is very fast. The degree of drying can be stopped according to your own feelings. If you do not press the stop button, it will automatically stop after 4 minutes.

Personally, I think the female-only function is more thoughtful in design. As a special group, women have special periods every month, and the hygiene of the private part is very important for girls. It is really considerate for girls. It is especially suitable for pregnant women. It is inconvenient for them to bend down and get up because of physical reasons. The flushing function is suitable for their needs. The special spray head ensures more hygiene and cleanliness.

In addition, the adjustable nozzle position also considers the individual differences of people, and more accurately meets the needs of the trial. There are 5 positions for the nozzle position and 4 positions for the water pressure.

Select the nozzle cleaning on the remote control to enter the nozzle cleaning mode. Repeatedly press to switch the nozzle and you can use a toothbrush for cleaning. Do not use a lotion that is too acidic or alkaline. In fact, the nozzle will automatically be used before each use. Cleaning.

The power-saving function is for environmental protection. After entering the power-saving state, the seat warms about 25 degrees, but when the power button is not in use, the machine enters standby mode, which can reduce system power consumption to the minimum and is more conducive to environmental protection and energy saving.
Haier’s smart toilet cover did not live up to everyone’s hopes. The overall design concept, design creativity, and design details were satisfactory.