Huawei Sound X Review,Reviews For Sound X Smart Speakers


I finally saw the Sound X speaker that I cooperated with Devialet. At the time I saw the performance parameters and the size of the speaker at the press conference. I felt that this must be a particularly good guy.

The official pricing of Sound X is already in the high-end position in the field of smart speakers. If you are not familiar with Devialet, you can simply understand that this is the world’s top audio brand. The concept is to use new technology to let more people experience it. High-fidelity sound quality. Friends who know their home audio know that the cheap ones are tens of thousands of dollars and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, so after the blessing of Devialet on Sound X, I feel that it is even small and cost-effective.

Huawei Sound X smart speakers

Everyone will find that there are not many mobile phone brands that make smart speakers at this price. Basically, they are all brands in the traditional speaker industry. Are you really afraid to make smart speakers in the high-end field without absolute strength? In “smart speakers“, “intelligence” is indispensable.

What kind of answer will the HuaWei Sound X smart speaker produce this time?

Industrial design: Sven’s appearance hides a big heart

Before looking at the industrial design of the speaker, we have to pay attention to a very important point, that is, the “Devialet” cooperation. Since HuaWei’s Mate mobile phone and Porsche design cooperation a few years ago have been successful, electronic products have also become popular across industries. , I am embarrassed to say that I am a flagship product without a joint name.

Huawei Sound X smart speakers

Among the cross-border cooperation, some are design cooperation, and some are hardware cooperation. This time Sound X belongs to the latter. The biggest feeling at the moment I just got started is that this stuff is really heavy and weighs 3.5 kg. The moment I picked it up, I thought I picked up a dumbbell.

Huawei Sound X smart speakers

The color scheme is currently only black, so the overall temperament is different from the white used by many smart speakers.

However, in terms of material, the lower part of the speaker still uses a very European-style woven cloth surface, which incorporates the concept of home. The overall style of the cannon is like a Svenven home man hiding a wild heart. When the subwoofer vibrates, it looks like he took off his coat and showed sexy muscles.

Huawei Sound X smart speakers

The touch buttons on the top can adjust the volume increase and decrease and the microphone switch. The RGB color halo can visualize the volume and add a sense of technology.

Huawei Sound X smart speakers

Sound recording video: a more intuitive experience than text

We have seen the vibration of the subwoofer just now, but I only use text to describe the sound quality. I think that there is always a barrier from the readers, so in order to give everyone a true hearing, not just “see” the sound quality, we also recorded a paragraph. sound.

First of all, I would like to say sincerely that the recording scene is a small studio of about 10 square meters, the recording equipment is a gun wheat directly recorded into the camera, and the audio that is played is ordinary lossless sound quality, so echoes are inevitable. The sound quality will not be perfect, it just strives to give everyone a more intuitive audio experience than text.

Huawei Sound X smart speakers

Sound quality: How shocking is the 60W dual subwoofer?

Well, I still buy the speakers to listen to songs (how the sound quality doesn’t touch my ears). HuaWei Sound X is really awesome. It even cooperated with French high-end audio brand Devialet to customize a pair of subwoofers with a total power of 60W. What is the concept of the total power of the dual woofer 60W? The total speaker power of a 2,000 yuan TV is likely to reach 60W, not to mention that this is only the total power of the dual subwoofer.

Huawei Sound X smart speakers

Of course, Devialet technology can’t run away: SAM bass boost technology and Push-Push balanced acoustic design. The former can make lower-frequency sounds play more stably, and provide a sound pressure intensity of up to 93dB, which is simply that the sound is loud enough; the latter is to cancel the interference when the two speakers sound, bringing a more extreme sound experience You can understand everything, and you can understand it as soon as you don’t understand it. Belief comes.

Even more powerful is that under the dual woofer, six full-range speakers with 8W independent sound chambers are evenly distributed. Together with the HUAWEI Sound sound algorithm, a 360-degree uniform sound field is created. Yo, there is a Hi-Res logo on the box.

Huawei Sound X smart speakers

After a few days of experience, I fell in love with this smart speaker. The sound quality experience: the low-frequency dive is strong and powerful, the mid-range vocal is delicate and full and magnetic, and the treble details remain intact.

For example, in terms of vocals, I chose “Unlasting” by Japanese singer LiSA. This song is a test of the vocal resolution of HuaWei Sound X: the mid-range part fully displays the singer’s magnetic sound, with a full three-dimensional effect.

The most surprising thing is that after entering the chorus, the vocals and soundtrack gave me a shocking feeling. For example, in “Unlasting”, when entering the chorus, the vocal and soundtrack are clearly separated, but they are quite compact. When the last erhu appeared, the details of the high- and low-frequency transient transitions were fully preserved, which was quite Devialet’s taste, and the body hit straight Alas.

For example, in terms of sound field resolution, I auditioned for the live version of Eagles’ “Hotel California”. The rhythm of the guitar and hand drum in the intro is quite strong, and the sound field is very wide. The crisp sound of the guitar strings is clearly expressed. At the same time, the environmental sounds such as cheers from the audience also bring an immersive feeling.

Huawei Sound X smart speakers

Another example is the low-frequency part. When auditioning for orchestral music such as Two Steps from Hell’s “Star Sky”, the magnificent orchestral music is accompanied by drums from weak to strong. Sound X can show the low-frequency atmosphere and impact, dynamic The ups and downs are obvious, and my ears tell me that it is not listening to songs at all. It is receiving massage.

Special features: It is very convenient to send a sound at one touch, and it can intelligently sense your position.

To be honest, Bluetooth speakers remove the trouble of wired connection. However, don’t you think that Bluetooth connection is also troublesome? Turn on the Bluetooth switch-wait for the search device-choose to click to connect from multiple devices, not including the case where you can’t connect. Is this the smart Bluetooth speaker?

I found that HuaWei Sound X has a very, very practical function, which is “One Touch Transmission”.

Huawei Sound X smart speakers

See this NFC logo? It supports NFC direct connection and playback. As long as our mobile phone supports NFC connection, touch the back of the mobile phone to touch the NFC area, and click, the music will start to play, unpleasant, only two seconds, more trouble-free.

But if the ordinary speaker is moved, if you are still sitting in the same position, you will doubt whether the speaker is broken.

Huawei Sound X has been given a small wisdom, which is to be able to use the spatial intelligence sensing technology at any time to determine where it is and automatically adjust the sound effect. On a coffee table, it will create a 360-degree uniform sound field; on a TV cabinet against the wall, it can simulate the 5.1 home theater effect, and you can say that you can hear the surging music everywhere.

Huawei Sound X smart speakers

To be honest, it’s really amazing. I always thought that the speaker can only enjoy the ultimate sound effect if it is firmly positioned in one position, but Sound X tells me that’s not the case.

Massive audio source + smart home: more resources are smart enough

The speakers of other homes really only have sound effects, and HuaWei Sound X not only has the ultimate sound effects, but also cooperates with HuaWei Music and Cool Dog Music to provide high-quality massive sound sources.

HuaWei’s music library is already rich enough, providing ten million-level copyright music library and 200,000+ Hi-Res zone, there is no worry about finding songs.

In addition to the sound experience, I also feel that one of the things that is very good is that it has the HuaWei HiLink protocol built-in, which can be transformed into a smart housekeeper “small art”, and can be connected with smart devices that have joined the HiLink protocol. The manufacturers that have already joined the cooperation include Midea, Gree, TCL and Bosch Siemens.

For example, when I lie on the sofa and listen to songs, when I see that the floor is a little dirty, I can shout “Xiaoyi Xiaoyi, help me open the sweeper” to sweep the floor. If I feel hot, I can also call Xiaoyi directly to turn on the air conditioner.

Oh yes, I’m not afraid that it can’t hear me, because it has six hidden microphones built in. Even if I’m watching a movie, it can clearly receive my instructions. “Help me turn on the air conditioner, I feel a bit hot”, really smart enough.

To sum up
Finally, I made a summary of the Pros and cons.

Huawei Sound X – Pros

shock bass, high volume, good cabinet workmanship, and convenient transmission of sound at one touch;

Huawei Sound X – Cons 

The surface of the cabinet is prone to fingerprints.

Huawei Sound X smart speakers

Finally, I would like to give some suggestions: First of all, the official price of Sound X is also a high-end positioning in smart speakers, so I will first recommend it to friends who need high volume and bass for serious audiophiles, and then the surface is bright The glazed design is also good, and it is very convenient to touch the sound. Friends who like the appearance or the main machine is an Android phone may also consider it.