iQOO Pro 5G Review – The Best Value 5G Phone


iQOO Pro 5G may be the most affordable 5G mobile phone at present, but in addition to its price advantage, does it have some other more commendable “killers”? After experiencing this performance flagship for almost a week, Sanyi Life decided to use this review to reveal more details of this “most fragrant 5G phone” for everyone.

iQOO Pro 5G Review

iQOO Pro 5G Review – Exterior

Still familiar style, but there are many changes

As a new independent brand that was established earlier this year, iQOO has launched three products, iQOO, iQOO Neo, and iQOO Pro. From their names, it is not difficult to see that they belong to the same generation and have a high and low relationship.

iQOO Pro 5G Review

This also means that the new iQOO Pro5G is still generally familiar with the “iQOO flavor” in appearance. Just as a “Pro” model for the 5G era, iQOO Pro5G’s fuselage design details are in many ways intended to echo the theme of 5G and flagship performance. Under these subtle appearance changes, we can better see the impact of 5G technology on current smartphones.

iQOO Pro 5G Review

For example, in the middle frame part of the mobile phone, it is not difficult to see that the antenna cutoff position of iQOO Pro5G has changed greatly compared with the previous iQOO. This is obviously to take care of the new 5G antenna module. But more interestingly, the designer of iQOO Pro5G also modified the texture of its iconic red power key and volume key surface. From Monster, the concentric circular CD pattern that emphasizes “sensation” was changed to a more focused expression. Speed “twill.

iQOO Pro 5G Review

At the same time, compared to the original iQOO Monster, iQOO Pro5G, as a powerful machine that continues to be geared towards young people, has of course inherited the iconic mid-frame waistline shape and the side design of the Monster Touch gaming shoulder keys . But compared with the high-profile styling on the iQOO Monster, the iQOO Pro is more integrated with the fuselage, whether it is the color separation of the waistline or the logo of the shoulder key, and it is no longer so obtrusive. 

Is iQOO weakening the game elements on Pro? We don’t think so, because iQOO Pro this time even upgraded the Monster Touch shoulder key to pressure-sensitive technology. Compared with this, the appearance style change may be just to cater to the aesthetics of more consumer groups.

iQOO Pro 5G Review

Of course, for the current smart phone, when it comes to appearance, it is inevitable to mention the design of the back of the phone: On the previous iQOO Monster, we once jokingly said that the carbon fiber-like texture of the back is in color In terms of visual impact, it is not as strong as the red and blue color matching of the ordinary version of iQOO, which is slightly low-key.

The designers of vivo made a big change on the iQOO Pro 5G.

iQOO Pro 5G Review

The shape of the back of the iQOO Pro has been upgraded from the previously “flat” double-curved glass to the four-curved integrated curved glass, which not only immediately improves the grip of this performance flagship, but also allows it to accommodate more than iQOO. Big battery. It is worth mentioning that its 4500mAh battery is also the largest among all 5G mobile phones currently released.

In terms of screen, iQOO Pro is equipped with a 6.41-inch FHD + AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 * 2340. It supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and the color performance is more rich and vivid. At the same time, a new low-brightness anti-screen flicker function (DC-like dimming) is added to reduce visual fatigue of the human eye.

iQOO Pro is equipped with a new generation of screen fingerprint technology. Compared with iQOO, the area of the sensor’s photosensitive area has doubled, the area of the detected finger has increased by 27%, and the dynamic range has increased by 30%. In actual tests, the fingerprint unlocking speed is really fast, and with the face unlocking method, the security is also more guaranteed.
iQOO Pro 5G Review

iQOO Pro 5G Review – Performance

use the best materials, run the highest score

Since the first-generation product was released in March this year, the extreme performance at the same price has been iQOO’s signature selling point: the Snapdragon 855 on iQOO Monster and the largest 12GB memory, and the “Qianyuan Snapdragon 845” on iQOO Neo have all made the pursuit Performance phone players are thrilled.

Obviously, iQOO Pro5G has reason to continue its good reputation. Therefore, using the latest Snapdragon 855Plus platform, with 12GB memory and 128GB UFS3.0 flash memory, naturally became the best choice for this 5G performance flagship.

To be honest, although we are well aware that iQOO itself is a mobile phone brand focusing on performance orientation, we also know that this iQOO Pro5G has better heat dissipation performance than the 4G version because it uses a soaking plate. However, I have to say that its running score still far exceeded our expectations. From the individual scores of Antutu, the good performance of iQOO Pro5G seems to really benefit from the full release of the Snapdragon 855Plus CPU performance. , And ample and high-speed storage configurations. In other words, iQOO Pro5G’s investment in hardware does bring it a clear performance advantage.

LPDDR4X Grand Opportunity & UFS 3.0 Flash

iQOO Pro is equipped with up to 12GB of LPDDR4X ultra-large running memory. Because of its advanced packaging, the power consumption is reduced by about 17% compared to LPDDR4. Whether running large games, or chatting or watching videos, it meets the daily multi-scenario use requirements. The application is cold-started. With multi-tasking speed can be said to take it to the next level.

Equipped with UFS 3.0 high-speed flash memory, the read speed reaches 1565M / s. Compared to UFS 2.1, the read speed is increased by 80%, and the sequential write speed is increased by 110%.

According to the actual measurement, the UFS 3.0 flash memory on the iQOO Pro continuously writes 1551.11M / s, and the continuous write reaches 531.75M / s, which is really amazing speed. At the same time, because it supports the F2FS file system, it can improve the read and write performance of the flash memory and extend the memory life.

The UFS 3.0 high-speed flash memory, F2FS file system, and the blessing of the 5G network, the smooth use experience, I am impressed, after all, this use experience is the first experience.

iQOO Pro 5G Review – Battery and battery life

4500mAh large battery + 44W ultra fast flash charge

We all know that large batteries for gaming phones are a must. iQOO and iQOO Neo and other two products have a good battery life. The upgraded iQOO Pro is equipped with a monster-sized 4500mAh battery as standard, which can easily meet the daily needs of heavy users.

iQOO Pro 5G Review

With a large battery, fast charging is no shortage. iQOO Pro is equipped with the acclaimed vivo FlashCharge 44W ultra-fast flash charging technology. vivo Super FlashCharge uses two charge pump ICs with a conversion rate of up to 97%, combined with the FFC charging algorithm, which can achieve a fast, low temperature rise, and compatible charging experience.

Official data shows that in the state of the screen, the large battery of iQOO Pro 4500mAh can be charged to 50% in 17 minutes, 75% in 25 minutes, and it can be fully charged in 50 minutes. Judging from the actual charging test, 79% of charging in half an hour is basically in line with official data.

Gaming, HiFi, and network acceleration: those details of a true flagship

With top-level hardware specifications, excellent thermal design, and high-speed storage system, for such a mobile phone, it is simply sorry to not use it for playing games.

The first is the “smart multi-network acceleration” function. On iQOO Pro5G, they can allow mobile phones to connect to two different frequency band WiFi networks and a mobile network at the same time, intelligently select the network with the best signal as the main data transmission channel, and at the same time assist The channel avoids network disconnection and disconnection. In our test, when it is in a poor WiFi network, the dual WiFi acceleration function of iQOO Pro5G can increase the download speed of the APP installation package by up to 50 times. The practical value is self-evident.

Secondly, as a sub-brand product of vivo, iQOO Pro is also the first time to add HiFi audio design elements: inside the iQOO Pro series mobile phone, an AK4377A custom DAC from AKM is integrated. This not only makes it have the ability to provide better sound quality in specific music apps, but also enables audio processing through independent DACs in some games that support high-quality audio, making the game sound richer in detail and “listening to the sound.” “Easier.

Finally, iQOO Pro even provides a little “ritual” function for those performance control and game enthusiasts. The former is the “Monster mode” that the theme of the entire system will be changed after opening, and the latter is It is a GAMESPACE game space that can be activated by pressing the “Monster Touch” side button with two fingers at the same time. Of course, we are not saying that to play mobile games, we must first turn on this to play well, but for players, sometimes this is the atmosphere, isn’t it?

Of course, after everything is ready, we did experience the actual gameplay experience of many games with iQOO Pro5G: I have to say that the smoothness of the screen, touch and feel brought by the top performance are indeed general “high performance” or ” The “quasi-flagship” level products are completely incomparable, coupled with the unique gaming HiFi audio experience and 4D shock. Even if iQOO Pro is chosen just for the ultimate gaming performance, it feels worth it at this moment.

iQOO Pro 5G Review

iQOO Pro 5G Review – System

Finally, let’s talk about the system. IQOO Pro is based on Funtouch OS 9.1 and is equipped with a new Monster UI. It uses semi-open icons, low-saturation color matching, and it shows the “hard core” nature of gaming phones.

At the same time, the system integrates intelligent Jovi. Unlike most of the market’s voice assistants, the Jovi “smart steward” carried by iQOO Pro not only realizes the understanding and execution of complex instructions through continuous in-depth research on artificial intelligence, but also can continue to self Learn.

iQOO Pro 5G Review – Camera

Upgraded to 48 million three-shot, the gameplay is still many

iQOO Pro 5G Review

Rear AI three shots for multi-scene shooting

The iQOO Pro’s rear main camera is Sony IMX582. Thanks to the larger photosensitive area and resolution, and the powerful processing power of the Snapdragon 855Plus DSP, the night scene imaging of iQOO Pro has been significantly improved compared to the previous generation. more realistic.

Although it is a smartphone brand whose main performance experience is, iQOO has understood the importance of camera level to the power of today’s smartphone products from the beginning. Previously, iQOO (including the Monster version) and iQOO Neo used the rear three-camera design. In particular, the practice of insisting on full-pixel dual-core focusing on the main camera has won praise from our colleagues in the Sanyi Life Evaluation Office.

iQOO Pro 5G Review

So, what is the highest positioning iQOO Pro5G? As you can see, it is still a three-camera design, but this time iQOO has upgraded the main camera CMOS to the 48-megapixel configuration that is more mainstream and more popular with the public, supplemented by 13 million super wide-angle sub-cameras. And 2 million depth-of-field auxiliary lens, constituting a rear camera solution on iQOO Pro5G.

According to the information released at the press conference, the camera solution of the iQOO Pro series this time has a large change in the underlying algorithm of the software. From its camera app reality, its functions are exactly the same as those of our familiar vivo camera phones: ultra-wide-angle, macro, backlight shooting, beauty, etc., and the AI recognition that is turned on by default is speed and accuracy. It ’s enough.

iQOO Pro 5G Review

Of course, to evaluate the camera quality of iQOO Pro, it is not enough to just look at the configuration. In the end, you still have to speak with proofs. First of all, it is not difficult to find that, for a 48 million main camera smartphone with a large aperture and a large bottom, the daytime imaging performance of iQOO Pro5G is indeed qualified: the focus is fast and accurate, and there is a good virtual focus effect without turning on the blur mode. , Plus the “polishing” of AI, is indeed enough to please the eye.

It is commendable that iQOO Pro5G clearly inherits the excellent backlighting algorithm of vivo mobile phones-even if it is directly facing the rising sun, it has captured the details of the backlight surface of the distant aircraft. Nice tarmac just shot.

Of course, like some other phones, the iQOO Pro ’s ultra-wide-angle camera also “concurrently” acts as a macro camera. From the actual imaging results, both the focus distance and resolution are still satisfactory. It seems that as the most “fragrant” 5G flagship at present, iQOO Pro5G is not lost to those more expensive rivals in terms of the hard quality of the camera and the playability of the camera.

iQOO Pro 5G Review

The first is the download speed of 5G.
1059Mbp, or 132MB / s. More than ten times the current 4G peak network. If there is no concept of this network speed, let’s take an example: download a 3GB high-definition movie at this rate, and the download can be completed in less than half a minute.
The current 5G speed measurement data is affected by factors such as the network, content source server, surrounding environment, and the number of simultaneous online users. It is normal for the data to have certain fluctuations.

iQOO Pro 5G Review

Black technology: Superconducting carbon fiber liquid-cooled heat dissipation Max
If you want to experience the 5G high-speed network perfectly, you not only have requirements for the performance and battery life of the mobile phone, but also solve the problem of severe heat generation of the mobile phone. In order to keep iQOO Pro “cool” in the 5G era, the 5G version uses a new “superconducting carbon fiber liquid cooling” system. The liquid cooling soaking plate and superconducting carbon fiber interface materials are used to further improve the iQOO Pro ’s heat dissipation performance. .

Hi-Fi audio quality + Hi-Res audio certification

Never say that the sound quality of a mobile phone is not important. When you experience a fever-grade Hi-Fi sound quality mobile phone, you may never go back. iQOO Pro continues the high-quality Hi-Fi style of vivo mobile phones, and for the first time introduces an independent Hi-Fi chip, equipped with AK4377A high-quality audio DAC, and the bass is more layered.
In addition, it also passed the Sony Hi-Res audio certification to get a real presence atmosphere, which is a special benefit for Hi-Fi enthusiasts. In headset mode, mainstream games will also get Hi-Fi experience.

It is worth noting that iQOO Pro comes standard with an L-shaped Hi-Fi headset, allowing users to get better sound experience whether they are listening to songs or games. From the user’s perspective, this can be said with care.

iQOO Pro 5G Review – In summary

Making high-tech younger, this is iQOO
iQOO Pro as a “full strength” 5G flagship, “5G” is just one of its many highlights, like Qualcomm 855 Plus processor, UFS 3.0, 4500mAh large capacity battery, 44W ultra-fast flash charge, dual Wi-Fi Acceleration technology, Hi-Fi sound quality and rear AI three cameras, etc., each upgrade point has cut into the actual concerns of users.