Review For DIB Smart Toilet Cover


I received the Korean DIB smart toilet cover today, and the packaging is quite large. The overall shape of the toilet cover is pretty good, the product itself is very thick.

Looked at the shape. The workmanship is indeed very elegant, I also tried to see the features of this product, that is, the hot type is really good, warm water after three seconds out of the water, it is quite comfortable.

We experienced it that night and it felt good. There are two types of flushing: children and women. The flushing strength is strong and weak, and the water temperature can be adjusted. I think it will be very comfortable in winter. The seat ring can be set with heating function, and there is a sensor on the seat ring. As long as a person sits on, the flushing and seat ring can be automatically heated and prepared. This is really convenient. The drying function gives a praise, and the amount of blowing is also large The hot air dries in a while and is very comfortable. The main thing is that it tastes disinfectant when drying. It feels very professional, but I don’t know when it will run out.

review for DIBSmart toilet cover

I have nothing to do, and I try the massage function again. The strength of the water flow is not obvious, and the overall feeling is OK. Children’s functions have not been understood, no changes in children’s functions have been felt, and children’s functions have to be unlocked in the future.

review for DIBSmart toilet cover

The overall feeling is that this toilet lid is really good, atmospheric and fully functional. Humane. I prefer this blue light. It can be bright when near the toilet, which is more practical. A little suggestion, if the console is lighted, it will be easy to see the keys, otherwise you are not familiar with the position of the keys at the beginning, and it is easy to make mistakes. I don’t know if there are multiple protections against leakage current. I think so. The downside is that the toilet in my house is too old and too small to fit such a smart toilet lid.